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    Solved Create Icon

    Hello :) Could someone tell me how to create an icon on the desk top in Win 8. Thanks
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    Solved Restore Start Menu Orb

    For those of you who would like to have your start menu back. Here is an article that help me put it back on to Windows 8. Works great ViStart Restores Start Menu, Disables Metro Ui in Windows 8
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    Solved Start / Apps Screen Swap

    Hello All :) When you go to the bottom left side of the screen in Win 8 you can go to "Start", is there a way you can swap it out to go to "Apps" screen ? Thanks
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    Solved Windows 8 Manual ?

    Hello All :) Is there a manual or some place were I can go to were I can learn how to use Win 8 Thanks
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    Solved How do you log on

    Hello All:) Could someone tell me how to log on to Win 8 ? When I turn on windows 8 I get to the first screen and I have to drag the cursor below the bottom of the screen then click alot of time to get to the password enter screen. Thanks
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    Solved Win8 install asking for driver

    Hello All, I tried to install Windows 8 Developer preview this evening, and it gave me a message that "A required CD/DVD is missing". I have not had any problem with my computer and at no time have I been asked for any drivers. I then put in the disk that has all the drivers for my computer, and...