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    Network wifi icon says identifying

    Hi , I have a laptop with latest Dell wifi drivers and the wifi icon says identifying and under that connected most of the time.I have tried everything flush this ,re-install drivers ,etc. I still get internet 90 % of the time but the identify stays there. I also can get it to recognize my...
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    System restore not working help ...

    Hi I have a windows 8.1 dell laptop ,for some reason system restore is not creating points manually or automatically, when I try to make a restore point manually the working bar just keeps moving at the sane time though I noticed in the device manger a generic volume shadow copy entry will show...
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    Cannot open anything with setup.exe ,help pls

    Hi I am running windows 8.1 and today had a small program(EMDB) I had to install with the name setup.exe when i click on it to open it even in admin mode it gives me this error "windows cannot find setup.exe make sure you typed named correctly and try again." No matter what it is , as long as it...
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    Kernel autoboost invalid lock release bsod help pls

    Hi I am getting this bsod at shutdown "Kernel autoboost invalid lock release" ,does anyone have an idea? .I am running windows 8.1.Thks
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    Store not showing same apps on different computers?

    Hi I noticed when I go into store and look at game apps or entertainment apps from my machine and look on a friends laptop or another machine the apps are not the same I seem to have older apps just like my machine is not getting all new releases? How could that be and is there a fix? Thks
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    Why do I have to turn on windows firewall to install apps from store?

    Hi is anyone else getting this problem and is there an easier fix? Thks
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    How to change from ide to ahci in windows 8

    Hi I ma having problems in windows 8 from changing ide to ahci , it crashes at startup if I do the switch in bios and it is hard to fix after, meaning have a hard time to get to desktop. Can anyone give me the right steps pls? Thks
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    Windows 8 and 7 install help

    Hi I got windows 8 64 pro installed but I am having problems with memory which is causing black lines on desktop and even in bios. I wanted to install windows 7 on another partition but windOWS disk tells me I can't because of gpt boot. How can I fix this ,sould I do a clean install and start...