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  1. snooker

    windows 8 sucks

    To save members time , you say your a comp builder , Why not just mention which motherboards you are using ( name and model )
  2. snooker

    Solved Updates

    Its Microsoft auto updating your system which is probably what your setting is set at . You should change that setting to check with you before allowing anything to be installed . This way you have the power as to what gets install not MS or Samsung doing it automatically
  3. snooker

    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    I did a clone on my original preinstall hard drive which I never used it only to register the data that needed to be register . This way its a clean never used system . Afterwards I put the clone drive in and did the upgrade from 7 to 8 from within 7
  4. snooker

    Is Windows 8 a failure ? Time to say bye, bye MSFT ?

    They always do this when a new Microsoft OS comes out . I think most of the complainers are from other OS companies , like Apple and so on . Windows 8 is going to be the next big one within time . I like it and i have a pc with xp , 3 laptops >>> Linux Kubuntu , Windows 7 U 64 and now Windows 8...
  5. snooker

    Can't delete a folder

    I had a feeling that was it , glad to help :)
  6. snooker

    EFI booting: Why?

    I think I read somewhere its there way to fight illegal OS software from being installed . Were you can't use the same oem keys over and over again . this way now it gets tied to the one system alone . Which will stop illegal OS from being install .. I could be wrong but I think that's why.
  7. snooker

    Can't delete a folder

    Are you using a 64 bit Windows version ? Because unlocker has a 64bit . Once you install it reboot your system afterward locate a file or folder you want to try it on it should show once you right click the folder
  8. snooker

    Solved How long does it take to download windows 8?

    Yep , he is right >>> 2.69 GB (2,896,756,736 bytes) and I have roughly the same speed as OP which took me around a half of a hour
  9. snooker

    Solved windows 8 hardware restrictions

    oh ok . I thought you knew something other wise , why I asked ... In your problem with the bios I would keep trying the f2 key . Its retarded if you can't get into the bios
  10. snooker

    Can't access BIOS

    I'm curious to know but what happens if you place another OS disc , will it boot it up ? I would keep trying the F2 key
  11. snooker

    Solved windows 8 hardware restrictions

    @ area 66 ... What have you heard about the Bios towards activation ?
  12. snooker

    Solved windows 8 hardware restrictions

    Ok , good to know . I never own an oem version until now . The price is decent to buy a legal copy
  13. snooker

    Solved windows 8 hardware restrictions

    No offense but are you guessing this or you know this to be a fact ? Older Windows OEM versions allowed you only 2 major hardware changes ...
  14. snooker

    This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

    If your on your desktop screen . Place the mouse at the bottom right of the screen click setting and then the power. You will have the options to shut down, restart or sleep. It seem pretty simple
  15. snooker

    Solved windows 8 hardware restrictions

    Hi ... I'm new to the forum and I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to the question toward how many hardware changes can one make with the OEM upgrade 8 pro on the same motherboard ? Thanks