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  1. maxknux

    Use Yahoo mail app with local account

    Sorry, How are Service accounts (Microsoft, Apple, Google, BlackBerry) too restricted? Possible answer that I can think of is apps are tied to your account. On the other hand how can you purchase apps without an account. Even if you can purchase without an account, then if you were to...
  2. maxknux

    Firefox to enter Signed Extension dead end like MaxThon

    I actually like this movement. I want things signed. I barely use any extension in the first place in Firefox. I can even list them as follows: -LastPass -Personas Plus From Apps -Norton Toolbar -Skype CLick to Call -WebSling Player I don't mind if all of them are signed. I want Microsoft to...
  3. maxknux

    Use Yahoo mail app with local account

    I don't understand why you feel like your trapped in ecosystem. In fact, Microsoft is just following Industry where Google you need a Google account, Apple you need Apple ID, BlackBerry you need a BlackBerry ID. One good thing is unlike the others, Your Microsoft account does not tie you to...
  4. maxknux

    Use Yahoo mail app with local account

    No. In order to use any Windows Store App, a Microsoft account is required. Since you have Tablet, I assume you don't have the desktop thing. I don't know why you want to avoid MS Account thing. If it is about privacy then use one but don't store any email on or files on Onedrive...
  5. maxknux

    Nice and simple games for kids

    well, Have you tried any of the games made by Disney Disney Infinity: Toy Box app for Windows in the Windows Store There is Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy box Disney Infinity 2.0: Play Without Limits app for Windows in the Windows Store Disney Fairies: Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures app for Windows...
  6. maxknux

    Solved Solitaire & Freecell from XP

    Wait, What is your question? Are you asking if you can put Windows XP games on a Windows 8.1 OS? Well there was a Thread of someone porting windows 7 games to Windows 8.1 which could work but not windows XP I don't see why you can't play the "metro app" one shown here which has Free cell...
  7. maxknux

    Windows 8 Start pinning DotA 2

    or you can do the following:
  8. maxknux

    I don't know. There could be a number of reasons that could cause this problem. What I know is that Servers don't drop the connection after certain time. I mostly use via a email client like Outlook 2013 or Windows Mail Store app. Like you said things happen at...
  9. maxknux


    Like others have said, It could be because you input the wrong server settings or you input the wrong user credentials. As for the server settings for Hotmail which is now as follows: Here is the Link on how to setup your email: Set up an email app with -
  10. maxknux

    I am assuming you having trouble accessing your email from What browser are you using? Internet Explorer 11; Firefox 35, Chrome 40 Have you tried clearing the cache from your browser. According to the status on Microsoft site, it is working fine Service Status - Microsoft services
  11. maxknux

    Can't email from AOL after updating to 8.1

    How are you accessing AOL Mail? via Web Browser - Internet Explorer 11; Firefox 35; Chrome 40 Via Email Client - Windows Mail Store App; Thunderbird; Outlook 2013 Also, I don't understand you updating Windows? Are you using Windows 8.1?
  12. maxknux

    Minecraft Will Not Start!

    @thebigbum243 There is not enough info in your System specs to figure out your graphics card but I will repost what I put in earlier post about Minecraft The main problem is your graphics card is not providing you the support with driver. There is no reason for you to go into compatibility mode...
  13. maxknux

    CHKDSK - Check a Drive for Errors in Windows 8

    Thanks to your Tutorial, I was able to do the check disk on the next reboot.
  14. maxknux

    Firefox JavaScript permissions

    Not in Firefox itself but you can use a extension called NoScript
  15. maxknux

    Tomb Raider Windows 8 Support

    I understand your question but it is question asked multiple times. Can game "x" work on Windows 8.1? In most cases yes if it works in previous OS like Windows 7, Vista and maybe XP. There are some exceptions like the game is hard programed to certain files and if you have games that need Dos...
  16. maxknux

    Solved Can't use "Mail" program that comes with the Start Menu

    It is up to you on which email program or web app you prefer. I personally use Outlook 2013 x64 for my main email but I also use "Metro" Mail App as a quick way to see incoming mail. One suggestion is to uninstall the Mail, Calendar, and People Suite then reinstall it from the store. Mail...
  17. maxknux

    Solved Online seller locked out of website. Cookies/ Firewall?

    Have you tried the Compatibility View in IE? Fix site display problems with Compatibility View - Windows Help
  18. maxknux

    Solved IE11 - Youtube not responding....

    Thanks TrashZone, I did some searching about a more user friendly way of dealing with what you mentioned. so I looked in some forums and found about ActiveX filtering which shuts down flash on sites and I can then enable flash on a per site basis. Use ActiveX filtering - Windows Help
  19. maxknux

    Solved IE11 - Youtube not responding....

    Hello All, I hope to present you with a problem that can be solved. This problem has been going on for awhile. I like to stick to using IE11 more compare to Firefox and even more so with Chrome. Every time I access a Youtube Link the page freezes and a message at the bottom would say youtube...
  20. maxknux

    Minecraft is running slow

    The Minecraft System Requirements are the following: I posted a summary from a previous post and here is excerpt from it: I have MineCraft...