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  1. RST101

    Solved Working and non working software for Windows 8: Developer Preview

    Have you tried in compatibility mode?
  2. RST101

    Directx 12

    Nothing. Direct x9 is still number one even the 10-10.1 and 11 have been out a while now. These direct Xs are nothing more than money spinners for the gpu market.
  3. RST101

    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    It seems to have an android type feel to it with the slide in and out frames and then there is the apps........... It appears to be heading towards a mobile market to me...
  4. RST101

    A Few Concerns

    Not really a concern but can someone please point the way to services so I can disable the usual suspects. For the life of me I cant find it and am sick of going back and two between the flippy screens. Cheers......
  5. RST101

    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    Big thumbs up from this end although I do agree John that the metro is a big killer.
  6. RST101

    Windows 8 Allows Xbox 360 Games to be Played on PC

    Xbox live is possible now.
  7. RST101

    Windows 8 Build 7989 leaked

    It's with the latest nvidia drivers I'm trying so I'll roll back and see, cheers.
  8. RST101

    Windows 8 Build 7989 leaked

    Installs great and everything seems to be fine apart from dwm. No matter what I do I can't seem to get aero running. Anyone with similar issue? Or advice?
  9. RST101

    Windows 8 Build 7989 leaked

    I was under the impression that there were going to be no more leaks due to the firing of ms employees for leaking previous builds, guess that was wrong then.
  10. RST101

    Microsoft Employees Fired Over Windows 8 Leaks

    Never heard that one but I like, there can't be a truer phrase for our leaders!
  11. RST101

    Windows 8 Enterprise M3 6.2.7959 has leaked

    There is a Windows 8 Beta Build 7971 x86 floating around but I think it fake.........
  12. RST101

    Play games in windows 8 in fast...

    This build seems to be better at playing games, the last one stuttered a lot but not noticed any on this. It's way to early to come to any conclusion.........
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    Windows 8 - 7850 Leaked

  14. RST101

    Windows 8 - 7850 Leaked

    It's windows 7 with a wig on..........
  15. RST101

    Native ISO mounting in Windows 8

    It has been confirmed as working in this build, bout time too....
  16. RST101

    Windows 8 - 7850 Leaked

    Windows seven is now even older so whether this a month or ten she's on her way... happy exiting times are imminent again, yay.......
  17. RST101

    Will Aero still be avaliable in Windows 8?

    I would also have to say yes, although I think the gui will have a dramatic overhaul with regards to looks and functionality.
  18. RST101

    Ballmer promises Kinect for PC support in the future

    Me neither, my son will love this!