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  1. kado897

    Chrome Metro

    The metro version of Google Chrome is available. You need to download and install the Dev channel. It installs both the desktop and the metro version. The Metro version looks just like a full screen desktop version. So far it seems to work OK. Chrome Release Channels - The Chromium Projects...
  2. kado897

    Solved Google Drive crash on shutdown

    Hi All. I recently installed Google Drive and I am getting a popup message on shutdown. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a fix? BTW there is nothing in the event log. Win8 x64 running in VBox under Win7 x64.
  3. kado897

    Microsoft update blocks use of MSE in W8CP

    An update has been released which blocks the use of MSE in W8CP because it is incompatible. Application Compatibility release for Windows 8 Consumer Preview
  4. kado897

    Patch Tuesday

    Even W8CP has a Patch Tuesday.
  5. kado897

    Too many Metro Apps

    Has anyone noticed what happens when you have more Metro Apps open than can fit in the task list down the left side? With me the screen flashes and the list is cleared and you end up on the start menu. The apps remain open in task manager though but you have to press the tiles to switch to them...
  6. kado897

    Mail and People Apps stopped working

    Both the Mail and People Apps have stopped working for me. The were both working yesterday. The Mail App still shows a live tile but when opened gives this super helpful screen. Has anyone any ideas?
  7. kado897

    Solved Library Icons

    I see there is now an official way of changing the icons on user created libraries. It's not available for the standard ones though.
  8. kado897

    Startup Programs

    You now control your startup programs from the new task manager and not System Configuration.
  9. kado897

    Macrium Reflect Free BSODS

    W8CP 32bit in VMPlayer. Macrium Free installs correctly and apparently does an image of system and c correctly but when you reboot you get a BSOD. Page fault in a non paged area. The system reboots and tries again. Fails with the same BSOD then reboots into system recovery and recovers to an...