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    10,000 Members - EightForums

    Took a snip as ordered by my best friend Bill The Righteous Dude. :p Congratulation Eight Forum for the 10,000 members.
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    Solved CMD prompt resulted in (0xc0000142)

    Anyone can show me why if I tried running command prompt resulted in this? So then any program that need to run background command will fail at it. Just happened few days ago, not any event that I can suspect as the cause of it. Just recently changing the windows features, activating the...
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    Keep One Change One [6]

    True lover
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    Solved Unable to open Eight forums on an old Blackberry

    Silly to ask, but I'm curious about it. I have an old Blackberry (Gemini 8520). Browsing any website isn't much trouble. I can open Seven Forums on the run, but when it comes to opening Eight forums, all I get is only a white-blank page with right and bottom slider. That's all. On the first...
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    Solved Dual Boot Skipped by WDP

    Did anyone notice this? Though it said WDP has come to its lst days. But, has anyone noticed a weirdness happens sometimes in dual boot process. I have one of my PC with Win 7 and WDP with the time out set at 10 seconds and WDP stay as the default. But recently I noticed that WDP skipping it...
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    Solved Any way to make the tiles size somewhat smaller?

    Hi. Is there anyway making the tiles size somewhat smaller? So that I can have it into many groups without taking so much space on the screen. Thanks in advance.
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    Solved How many of your co-workers working with WDP?

    Wondering why not even one of my mate under the building willing to give themselves a try having a copy WDP on their rigs. It also happened since Windows 7 made its first appearance. Even all staffs in IT office never touch the issue. ;) What about your co-workers guys?
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    Solved Unpredictable shut down behavior

    Guys, I installed Win 8 Preview on my two PCs and laptop months ago. Recently, all of them started having shutting down problem. when shutting down there were notice that windows isn't properly shut down, need to restart, then restarted. Sometimes it just restarted when shut down without any...