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  1. simonr

    Windows 8 versus Adobe Flash

    When playing games on facebook, some ask for the latest Flash to be installed. Windoes 8 will not allow me to update my flash player to latest version; instead it refers me to an Issues page. I need to update the flash player; can anyone assist me on how to do this in relation to the above...
  2. simonr

    Windows 8 - Help me keep sane

    Robin Thanks for your reply. However, screenshot is totally different to what I have in windows 8 mail. I can't see any of what is shown in the screen shot otherwise I could have selcted import. I have a very plain mail screen; could I be in the wrong view.
  3. simonr

    Windows 8 - Help me keep sane

    I have just bought my wife a new laptop with Windows 8 - Was this a big mistake? I am trying to import her email contacts into the windows mail; but I just can't sus it out. I have a csv file ready to import; how the heck do I do it please? Thanks, Simon:mad: