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  1. Romulinx2

    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    I installed the public version (win8 pro upgrade) with a USB stick. I had to remove stuff from my C drive to make room. Its runs perfectly, so far.
  2. Romulinx2

    Windows 8: Do you need it?

    I love it. Faster in every way. Games run faster also. I used a usb stick with the win 8 pro upgrade. If I don't want to use tiles I click on the desktop tile, simples!
  3. Romulinx2

    Do you think Windows 8 DP will be upgradeable to the beta?

    Oh yes thanks, I should have known that....Doh. Anyway I played the BF3 Alpha! Was great fun and done some reports also. :thumbsup:
  4. Romulinx2

    Do you think Windows 8 DP will be upgradeable to the beta?

    An Alpha test is just that, an Alpha. Beta is the next test version. These are different versions of a piece of test software.
  5. Romulinx2

    Solved How much RAM do you have installed?

    I have 16Gb of ram. Win 8 runs well. Have set it up on dual boot and loaded on new ssd drive.
  6. Romulinx2

    How did you setup your Win 8 install?

    Dual boot. Win 8 on new ssd.
  7. Romulinx2

    Start Button

    No problems with anything? I thought I would get bsod and reboots/ crashes. This is most unusual for me? I can only put the reliability down to a new ssd drive?!
  8. Romulinx2

    Other Browsers installed?

    Firefox is working well with (lastpass) + a few other add-ons.
  9. Romulinx2

    Joining you from Seven Forums

    Hello good evening and welcome! And now for something completely different.......
  10. Romulinx2

    Problems installing Windows 8 on Vertex 2 SSD

    I installed win 8 onto my OCZ solid 3 ssd with a dvd, with no problems. Booted with the dvd and 15 mins later running win 8. Its running exectionally well, which is strange for a pre beta? Only had 1 BSOD after downloading the second set of updates. Not sure if this helps you though?
  11. Romulinx2

    Solved CPU hogging

    Check on your resource monitor and see if you can see anything. The cpu shouldnt be loaded this much unless you are using allot of background programs?
  12. Romulinx2

    Solved Disk Defrag in W8

    I dont think it will make any difference as a ssd has no physical disk. It will access data from anywhere at the same speed.
  13. Romulinx2

    A Few Concerns

    Please remember this is an early build. Some things will change after we & many other people give feedback to MS. I remember when we tested early builds of win 7 things did get changed for the better after feedback. ;)
  14. Romulinx2

    Blue Screen of Death Lives On in Windows 8

    Whats that? I havnt had one BSOD! Win 8 is running perfect so far. :shock: I did install on a small ssd drive and its very smooth.
  15. Romulinx2

    What would you like to see in Windows 8?

    How about Nvidia 3D vision enabled desktop! That would look brilliant :D
  16. Romulinx2

    Solved Disk Defrag in W8

    Yes, you shouldnt need it for an ssd drive.
  17. Romulinx2

    Solved Where is the traditional Control Panel

    Go to the desktop view and it will be on the desktop pop up menu on the right.
  18. Romulinx2

    What's your Internet Speed?

    Mines better now The speed I get is with and Orange network dongle! This is faster than a BT dsl connection!:roflmao: Much better now I have home dsl.
  19. Romulinx2

    Windows 8 - What do you think?

    I don't like the metro version, but you can opt for the desktop. It works well then. I am now trying to customise it to my liking? Its fast and shuts down most apps automatically!! Having a bit of trouble setting security in IE for my lastpass addon. Works fine with firefox, with lastpass.
  20. Romulinx2

    Windows Updates available for Windows 8 Developer Preview

    Yes win8 told me straight away! Thanks for the info.