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    What's your Internet Speed?

    I hate reading threads like this. Here in South Africa, and living in a small town about 200 km east of the Mother City Cape Town, the maximum ADSL speed available is 4 Mbps I usually achieve a "high" DL speed of just over 3 Mbps. To add insult to injury, my monthly data cap is a measly 20GB...
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    SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8

    A question about the SFC /scannow and other DISM commands .. Can these commands be run while using the PC, e.g. web browsing, etc? Or is it better to close all programs, and not to use the PC while the commands are running?
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    GWX Icon Disappeared

    Re: the bolded text .. mine also vanished a day or so ago. I am a little peeved that my 95 year-old father, who lives in the UK, has already received the update to Win 10. His laptop was running 8.1 and now Win 10. He had no problems, and all seemed to go smoothly. I spend hours on Skype...
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    Windows 8.1 updates offered today

    I dream of the day that MS provides problem free updates 100% of the time ;)
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    Windows 8.1 updates offered today

    I have the following optional updates today. I have not yet downloaded & installed them. Has anyone had any problems with these?
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    how to prevent use of computer by others

    Set up a log-in password, so anyone who turns your PC on would need to enter the correct password before he would be able to see anything
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    Windows update keeps failing to install

    Thanks Mooly. I have hidden the update
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    Windows update keeps failing to install

    Thanks for the reference to that post - appreciated
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    Windows update keeps failing to install

    I keep getting offered the above Intel update by Windows Update. I have downloaded it several times and tried to install it, but it always fails. Anyone else have the same issue? Is there a fix?
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    Solved Windows GWX icon suddenly disappaered

    Mine reappeared a couple of days ago too, after it disappeared for a week or so. I did nothing to try and get it back, apart from the usual Win updates I perform each day
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    Solved Missing GWX Icon

    Yes, I see mine is now back on the taskbar, after being AWOL for a week or so :confused:
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    Get Windows 10 Shows Up In Taskbar?

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote the above post. This a.m. on boot-up I no longer see that notification on my Taskbar. Anyone know why this would happen?
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    17 new updates today...

    Also had update notification (17 updates) on boot up this a.m.
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    Internet sharing through WIFI router.

    Re: the above link .. I was reading comments made by users, and was worried about one person who reviewed the program and wrote the following See here: Virtual Router Plus Download - Softpedia
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    Get Windows 10 Shows Up In Taskbar?

    Took me a while to figure that acronym out ;)
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    Get Windows 10 Shows Up In Taskbar?

    I booted up my Win8.1 laptop this a.m. and saw the Win 10 notification in the taskbar
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    Specific upgrade paths to get to all versions Windows 10

    Windows 10 launch date: report An article re: Windows 10 seen on a South African tech forum. Windows 10 launch date: report
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    Another big round of updates today.

    Windows Update: I had a bunch of updates when I checked early this morning .. see image below. I downloaded and installed all with no issues so far
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    KB3022345, one of twenty one optionals fails to install.

    Update KB3022345 After several failures with the above update, I tried again today, and it has finally installed
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    UNBELIEVABLE! 35 Important Updates Just Showed Up

    I have 16 updates, Have not installed them yet EDIT: I installed them all today .. no problems so far