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    Solved Connected to Internet, but IE and chrome won't connect

    Win8.1 HP desktop with both Ethernet and WiFi. Neither connect to websites, and I get errors when I tried to fetch email, but when I ping URLs in command prompt, I get 4 good returns. The network icon in the system tray shows the network name and "Internet Access." I have reset IE11 to default...
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    Outlook 2013 Asks for Password to open OUTLOOK.PST

    I have a Dell Inspiron 660 running Window 8.1 Pro. I had been using Outlook 2013 for about a month with no problems, when I got a message saying my OUTLOOK.PST file was approaching maximum size of 2Gb. However, I could not open it to compact it or delete items to bring the size down. I just...
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    OUTLOOK 2013: How to disable Ctrl-click for hyperlinks

    Just upgraded from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2013, and can't find the option to disable Ctrl-click for following hyperlinks. I'd like to just be able to click the hyperlink. The option was easy to find in Outlook 2007 under Advanced Options, but could not find it in 2013. TIA for any help Ken
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    Does HP put laptop motherboards in their desktop PCs?

    Had an interesting experience the other day while shopping for a new PC for my wife. The salesman (?) told us not to buy an HP desktop because HP is now putting inferior laptop motherboards in their desktops. I thought that this was a pretty wild claim, because: 1. the connections for USB, VGA...