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    KB3012702 Problems

    So, I had a laptop running 8.1 with Update 1 throw an interesting error this morning. The error is. The error message comes up after the machine boots, and after you enter your username and password and it loads your profile. The computer is nearly non-functional at this point...
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    Windows 8.1 box unactivated frequently

    Starting noticing around the 1st of the year, that my work laptop running Windows 8.1 with update 1 frequently boots up, shows the watermark in the lower right and if I check computer properties will show that Windows is not activated. I don't have to do anything, and within about 2 minutes...
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    If MS did this, you'd be furious

    Seems Apple released a security patch for Mac users, and without asking for permission or otherwise making any announcement they installed a security update on our computers. Read the rest of the story here. Apple pushes first ever automated security update to Mac users | Reuters
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    Suggestions for a sub $500 Windows 8 Tablet

    Hello, So my company is going to be attending a trade show in February and we want to give away 2 tablets as prizes. We were considering using an iPad, but not all of our software will run on an iPad. The software is designed mostly for Windows, so it will run on any Windows based tablet...
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    OneDrive-Anyway to hide "only-only" files

    I use DropBox and OneDrive a bit at work. With "selective folder" sync in DropBox, I have no issues and things work as I like. In OneDrive, I know that there is an option for "online-only". However, for a few of my personal things, I don't want these things to appear "AT ALL". For...
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    Microsoft Kills Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

    Read the rest of the story here.
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    Anybody here watch Le Tour de France?

    I seem to be fairly alone in my complete lack of interest in the World Cup, but i must admit that I really enjoy the Tour de France. Anybody else on this forum pay attention to this race?
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    Have been on SSD for 5 years now, wow the time has flown.

    It was just about 5 years ago this month that I purchased my first ever SSD drive. It's an 80GB Intel X25m-G2. But it for $300 back in the day. Still going to this day. For perspective, I just bought a new 500GB Samsung Evo 840 mSata SSD for my work laptop for $289.99. This will be an...
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    Funny story about a missing iPad

    So, we lost an iPad last week at work. We took it offsite to a customer and we believe we left it there. We call the customer today and say, "hey, we believe we left an iPad there". They verify that "nope, not here". We call back and say, "hey, just verifying that you don't have our iPad"...
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    XP might now have patches available until 2019

    Read rest of the story here
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

    So, who watched the event today and what do you think? It will be available for sale tomorrow. The starting price is $799. Microsoft deems this device as the tablet that can replace your laptop. It’s a 12.1-inch tablet, utilizing a 3:2 aspect ratio at 2160x1440 resolution screen, using 4th...
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    KB2964358 Not Showing as Applicable

    Hello all, Been pulling my hair out on this one. KB2964358 (Description of the security update for Internet Explorer for systems that have security update 2929437 installed: May 1, 2014) is the patch for the latest 0 day exploit of IE from version 6 through 11, on every OS from XP to Windows...
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    Microsoft patches XP after support ends for XP

    I found this funny, that less than a month after XP support ends and it will never again be patched....Microsoft releases a patch for it. Read the rest of the story. Microsoft Patches Latest Internet Explorer Security Flaw ? Even For XP Users | TechCrunch
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    Solved Windows 8.1 fan problem

    So, upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1 and having fan problems on my Dell Latitude 6430u. The fans come un, under very little load and don't seem to shut off. The more you do with the computer, the loader and loader the fans become. I put down a clean install of Windows 8.1 on the box as a test and...
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    Windows 8.1 upgrade did update 1

    So, my work laptop has been running Windows 8.0 pro. Since update 1 for 8.1 was released this week, I decided it was probably time to install the 8.1 upgrade from the store in order to prepare for testing update 1 at a later time. I was surprised to see that when I did the 8.1 upgrade from...
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    How many of you also have an Apple computer?

    Just wondering how many use both Windows PC's and Mac's? I just purchased a Mac Book Pro this past weekend and am starting to learn all about how Apple does things and how OSX works. I'm only a couple of days in, but this device certainly has it's pros and it's cons.
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    Oh jeez, I bought an Apple product

    The only redeeming point is that the purchase isn't actually for me, but rather my wife for Christmas. She is getting an IPad Air 32gb. I had to buy 4 Apple iPad airs and iPad minis for work this week. I brought home one of each and the wife tried them both for awhile and was really...
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    Starting to see the light of Windows 8/8.1

    So, a coworker of mine is a diehard Apple guy. And he is at the point where it's time to invest in a new computer for home as his Mac is getting old. However, he is under budget constraints at the present time and going with the Apple just didn't make financial sense. He started to talk to...
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    Solved Skydrive, removing old computers

    Ok, so I've got 2 Windows 8.1 boxes that I am playing around with at work. Both are using my @live account for logins. Both boxes are activated with my MSDN MAK Key. I've checked under Charms, and the Skydrive settings box and I have everything set to synchronize. Once I make a desktop...
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    Infuriating Windows 8.1 upgrade from Store nag

    Anybody else experiencing that damn pop up, "upgrade to Windows 8.1 from the Store" box on a fully patched Windows 8 machine? It gives you no other option but to go TO the STORE and then close out of the store. Nag Screen to Update to Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Community Windows 8.1 Nag Banner -...