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    clean install windows 8.1 with OEM key

    any idea with OEM keys pre-installed in the my laptop as i too want to clean install windows 8.1 also my os was windows 8 Single Language and i have a 8.1 Pro ISO would that be a problem ???
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    Problem while accessing a particular website

    Hi guys i am not able to open a particular site the thing is that it shows not available but i didn't entered this local host address i even checked hosts file in C and it's not present there also i use Proxycap a proxy filtering software to redirect all my incoming and outgoing...
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    HP Windows 8 to 8.1 up-gradation error

    So my laptop came with Windows 8 in it earlier also i tried to install windows 8.1 through Windows store but it would get struck at setting up 82% i tried 3 5 times but failed so i gave up the idea about that and was using 8 Just few days ago i purchased Watch Dogs and installed it on my...
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    Help regarding AMD dual graphic disabling

    guys i need your help i am on windows 8 i am using HP laptop this is my ccc version i got 2 problems well first one is that i can't update to windows 8.1 as the update always hang on 82% and after that my laptop automatically shutsdown i don't know whats the reason is and that's why i am stuck...