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    Reinstalling and restoring a backup

    Please give me a break and no sarcasm. Since this problem occurred in November, I've been in an ER three times, a hospital twice, a nursing home three times, and had two emergency surgeries. So I have not done much on a computer recently. Getting this done right will keep me from losing my...
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    WNDA3100 v2 wireless adapter keeps disappearing from Device Manager in Windows 8.1

    I install the driver and software and it works fine for a day or so then I suddenly have no internet. When I check the device manager it is no longer listed. I have trouble getting it installed but it works again for a while and stops again. Any ideas of what to do?
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    Pictures disappeared when Windows 8.1 created Windows.old

    I upgraded my motherboard to a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P which is just a newer version of the 970A-DS3 that was in it. I switched over the processor and memory to the new board. I could not get Windows 7 Ultimate to work even trying to reinstall it. I installed Windows 8.1. It created the file...
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    Windows 8.1 requesting password after being powered down a month

    This HP All-in-One PC was a gift from a deceased friend. I have never had to put in a password to access Windows. I had a knee replaced and had it unplugged for a month. Now it shows I need to enter a password to access Windows. I did not know there ever was a password. There are medical records...