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  1. majulook

    KB4524156 Security Monthly Quality Rollup Update for Windows 8.1 - Oct. 3

    For me this does not install via windows update. 1. The Windows update tools shows that is needed. 2. Run the install and after several minutes it reports it is not needed. 3. Re-scan windows update this update shows it is needed. 4. repeat over and over. Going to wait a few days and see...
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    More junk about windows 10.
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    HEEEELP! Windows Defender Updates Uninstalling Drivers

    Do you have the Disk that has the drivers, or do you have access to the Drive partition that they are on? If so reinstall the drivers, after the update. If not go here: Home - Lenovo Support (US) get the drivers you need and reinstall them.
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    Solved What is Windows update KB3112148

    I have found reference to this on 2 sites Microsoft Security Bulletins For December 2015 | On Hax Microsoft Security Bulletins For December 2015 - gHacks Tech News Both look like the info came form the same source: Non-security related updates Update for Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, Windows...
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    Solved What is Windows update KB3112148

    Windows update KB3112148 showed up today When I select The More information link in the windows update it goes to a page that says "does not exist try searching what your looking for" Anyone know what the update does is this more Windows 10 installer junk?
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    KB3069114 current update won't install !!!!! help ?

    Solved I was able to install this update for Windows 8 X64 by getting it directly from MS at this URL
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    KB3069114 current update won't install !!!!! help ?

    Looks like its a issue with only windows 8 64-bit systems KB3069114 Windows 8 Update Failing to Install - Softpedia
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    KB3069114 current update won't install !!!!! help ?

    When the update failed I got a "Code 80073712" error... So I ran the following commands in a elevated Command Prompt: First I ran: Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth This was very quick about 1 minute and the result showed component store corruption. Next I ran: DISM.exe...
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    KB3069114 current update won't install !!!!! help ?

    I have the same issue, when i find a solution will post here.
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    Major problems with New Lenovo

    Lenovo support website has the specific steps on how to restore PC to the factory default for each model. IMHO you should use that information and restore the system.
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    Latest Malwarebytes free version will not update

    Turnoff anti virus and close all other applications, if it still will not update remove and reinstall
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    Question about "hidden" Windows Updates

    IMHO Microsoft believes that all updates should be applied. That being said, the only updates that I do not install are hardware up dates from Microsoft I get those from the (hardware manufacturer), and the updates that force the "upgrade" from Win 8 to Win 8.1
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    Shutting down my computer usually fails

    from a command line run the following command shutdown.exe /f The above command will shutdown the system and the /f will force all applications to shut down, if this works then you most likely have an application that is hanging
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    Total Internet protection which program?

    Check with your ISP most of them provide a AV solution at no cost.
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    What free security software for 8.1

    Check with your ISP most of them provide a AV solution at no cost.
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    Do I need Anti Virus Software?

    1. No AV software is a 100% guarantee. 2. Defender is a built-in and free AV solution which works. 3. Other AV software will see defender and inactivate it so it no longer functions. 4. Check and see if you ISP provides a AV product for you to use, most of them do and they are free.
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    BITS and wuauserv Hung "Stopping": Should I clean install?

    Well, a reformat and fresh install may be the quickest fix, but will remove all your data so if you have a backup go for it.
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    exe/bat files not found in the path

    A few years ago we ( IT dept I was in at the time) found that some bug in java (JRE developer I think it was) caused the path to not function correctly anything in the path after the section was ignored the fix was to place that part of the path at the end of the path statement. Look at the...
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    Defender scanning SSD. More files scanned than listed

    While scanning with other tools is a good idea and a best practice, I believe the OP is wondering why defender sees more files than the CMD he ran. If defender is set to scanning inside archives such as zip and cab that would explain defender seeing more files, since the CMD is just a file...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Lag and low FPS

    1. Check your video setting in the game 2 Steam Community :: Guide :: TES Skyrim: Increase your FPS/Performance efficiently. 3. Remove the MOD see if FPS increases