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  1. salim96

    Extreme Low budget graphic card (R7 260x,GTX 750)

    I've been planning to get low budget graphic cards and R7 260X OR GTX 750..? i ain't a big gamer... but, i still play games often. so which one should i go with ? i've got i3-1st gen(i3-540). 4 gigs ram, and would like to play nfs MW(2012),hitman absolution,gta 5( when releases).. and some...
  2. salim96

    Intel 1st Generation Drivers.

    after installing windows 8,moved onto the installation for it's drivers(windows 7 drivers as there is no availability of drivers for first gen. of intel "I" core processors). but none of them installed except for the realtek driver... neither in compatibility mode nor from device manager any...
  3. salim96

    CPU Tweaking with windows 8 installed

    unlike windows 7 in windows 8 when i shutdown my PC, the monitor shuts down in 4-5 secs,but my CPU still runs for while(approx. 1 min) dis is very annoying as you see, i have to wait until the whole PC shuts down.if i don't & cut the power from the UPS Battery,the next time i boot into the PC, i...
  4. salim96

    New Look of the forum ??

    so,when i came to the homepage of the forum, the look changed everything except the news forum's icon. the look seems good for now :)
  5. salim96

    Duplicate processes of applications

    so today i came through this situation. there are duplicate processes created by applications. like google chrome, norton's executable this normal or something to worry ?
  6. salim96

    custom build drivers

    ok sorry if i've been an idiot.but,does anyone here have any idea how to make custom drivers for the operating systems like windows 8 . because you see there is only a limited support for custom-build PCs than the OEM ones :eek:
  7. salim96

    Amd Drivers for windows 8 x86

    please don't think i am fool.... :p because i am a intel hardware user from the beggining, a friend of mine had clean installed windows 8 pro on his PC ( custom-build) which has amd phenom x2 processor, and clocked at 800 Mhz... i don't know either a bit about AMD And neither him ( i don't know...
  8. salim96

    Solved winver app help

    just asking is it good to use start8 app or shall i wait for win 8.1..... asking because i need a previous start menu and not sure if windows 8.1 would have a start menu
  9. salim96

    Solved Operating system not found

    a friend of mine had a dual boot of windows 7&8 then, he tried to remove windows 8( it's partition was active but windows 7 wasn't active), he first deleted win8 from msconfig then tried to delete the partition of windows 8( but Disk management didnt allow him neither easeus partition manager...
  10. salim96

    how do i keep my OEM Info Preinstalled on my windows 8 CD?

    how do i keep my OEM Info in the windows CD( So that OEM Info installs/changes automatically when i install the windows.. Like many software companies like HP,Dell who have their own OEM Info(manufacturer, logo,model etc.) on thier OEM Software CD
  11. salim96

    uefi installation of windows 8

    ok... i upgraded from win7 to win8... and now i got to know that win8 would boot even more faster if it has uefi configuration,but to my bad it wasn't enabled in my intel dh55pj motherboard bios... now how do i install windows 8 again with uefi config. ?? i really have no idea about the...
  12. salim96

    can i know what games are compatible with my driver

    i wanna which games could i run on my pc which has Intel HD graphics ( i actually got the driver software by updating wddm 1.1) here's the list hitman absolution,assassin's creed 3, battlefield 3, minecraft, COD black ops 2 i could compromise with the system lagging( unless until...
  13. salim96

    internet explorer has stopped working

    i upgraded from windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 pro keeping my windows settings,personal files and apps as it is..the upgrading went smooth... but whenever i open IE10 it stops working and says "we're unable to return to..." i even troubleshooted it's performance.... but no luck EDIT: before...
  14. salim96

    i can't update my windows defender's virus definitions!!

    today, when i opened the windows defender i saw my PC status at risk and when i tried to update it's virus definitions i couldn't complete, it says network connection but i could connect to website download anything without any interuption. i even tried to update virus definitions through...
  15. salim96

    sleep mode options in windows 8

    does anyone knows how could I download anything while still keeping my system(windows 8) in sleep? and also anyone knows other useful things with the sleep option?
  16. salim96

    minimum requirements for intel HD graphics

    when i tried to open the graphic properties of my intel HD driver...... a window popped up exclaiming..... GFXUI has stopped working........... googled the issue a lot.... then.... i downloaded the latest drivers for my i3 processor.. and when i ran the install sheild....... it said the computer...
  17. salim96

    Solved network adapter problems with my win8 upgrade

    heyya everybody i had a pc running on win7(32-bit) and had done custom(clean)install of win8 pro i.e, i Have a dual booting pc... and my problem is i should install my motherboard CD on dat OS(win8) to have all needed drivers... and the problem is my motherboard cd is already installed on win7...