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  1. z31fanatic

    First System that you had Windows 8.1 on

    Had a Dell E6400 with Vista and upgraded it to W8 when it was $40.
  2. z31fanatic

    Microsoft will sell a 55- and 84-inch Surface this year

    Wow, sounds impressive.
  3. z31fanatic

    HDD will die soon, I need a backup image software

    Just do a complete clone. I use Macrium Reflect free. Extremely easy to use.
  4. z31fanatic

    Post your Desktop

    Linux Mint 17.1 on a Dell Latitude dual booting with Win 7. :D
  5. z31fanatic

    Solved Recommendation for computer brand

    Good choice. I've always had good experiences with Dell desktops. Also love Latitudes and Lenovo Thinkpad laptops.
  6. z31fanatic

    goodbye Windows 10

    It sounds like it wasn't for you. Personally, I will upgrade all my Windows machines to 10 when it comes out. No reason for me to stick with 7 or 8.1.
  7. z31fanatic

    Mac os x on anything other than a macbook?

    There have been people who have done it on some Dell Latitudes (E6420, E6430). I tried it on my E6430 but it was too much hassle so I just bought a Macbook instead and am now triple booting OSX, Win 8.1, and Linux Mint 17. :D
  8. z31fanatic

    What's your Internet Speed?

    We feel sorry for you since you don't seem to be able to post a picture that we can see. ;)
  9. z31fanatic

    What's your Internet Speed?

    I am paying Comcrap for 105/15 speeds. This is what I get in my laptop with wireless connection.
  10. z31fanatic

    Worlds most popular OS Redesigned -Dual Boots with Win 8 !

    And Linux was going to be huge in desktops but it never happened. Time will tell for this new OS. I will give it a try just to see what's it about.
  11. z31fanatic

    Windows 8 gains market share as XP drops slightly

    Windows 8/8.1 at 13.4% of the market is a pretty good number. Very surprised at Linux. 1.67% is very low. I thought Linux would be at least as popular as MacOS.
  12. z31fanatic

    Does HP put laptop motherboards in their desktop PCs?

    You should have slapped the salesman for being an ignorant.
  13. z31fanatic

    DVD ripping (Movies - commercial DVDs)

    I am not sure how it was in the beginning. I only started ripping my dvd/bluray collection about a year ago. I tried Handbrake but more than half of the DVDs couldn't be ripped because of the copy protection. Then I discovered MakeMKV and it worked on ALL of my discs, copy protected or not. Also...
  14. z31fanatic

    Is Windows 8.1 that awful for private (local) email?

    Yeah, you're right, they had that option buried hoping you won't see it. I copied this from the official site
  15. z31fanatic

    DVD ripping (Movies - commercial DVDs)

    They update the beta key every two months or so. I have been using it for free for more than a year now. Here is the page that has the updated key ? View topic - MakeMKV is free while in beta
  16. z31fanatic

    DVD ripping (Movies - commercial DVDs)

    I don't think Handbrake does decrypting so you won't be able to rip the DRM encrypted DVDs. The best and cheapest solution IMO are to rip the DVD with MakeMKV (it removes DRM too) to mkv files. A dvd mkv rip is usually 4-5 Gb. If you need to shrink the size of the files or make an mp4 copy for...
  17. z31fanatic

    Is Windows 8.1 that awful for private (local) email?

    Yes, of course, but that's not what I am saying. After you download the upgrade and you reboot, you will be asked to create or use an existing Microsoft account. It didn't look to me like it was possible to continue with a local account in 8.1.
  18. z31fanatic

    What Would Be The Next Xbox Called?

    I agree with you. If I wanted to use a PC for gaming then I would have done that already, but I play my games on consoles because of the convenience. The media capabilities of the consoles also are a plus for me. Also agree. $500 doesn't get you much for a gaming PC. With that money you can...
  19. z31fanatic

    Is Windows 8.1 that awful for private (local) email?

    I think to upgrade to 8.1 you are required to have a Microsoft account. I re-installed Win 8 in a PC I sold recently and I wanted it to upgrade it to 8.1 but it asked me to create a Microsoft account so I abandoned that plan. I left it up to the person who bought the PC from me to upgrade to 8.1...