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    CCleaner and SSD

    I've been reading that it's not good on the SSD's life by using CCleaner's normal and secure delete feature (1 or 7 pass) to clean up temp files, cookies, browsers. Is this a myth? Also what is TRIM, in dummy terms please. Are secure delete and TRIM related?
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    New SSD installed but unallocated space

    I restored an image from macrium reflect on my new SSD, but now disk management says there is 1.47 gb of unallocated space. Is there any way to expand the C: partition while keeping the others the same? Thank you.
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    With the OEM hard drive still inside the laptop, can I...

    I bought a brand new SSD to replace my OEM Western digital slim 5400 rpm 1 tb. I restored an image I created with macrium reflect onto the SSD, which has windows and all the partitions from the OEM drive. With the OEM drive still inside the laptop, is it possible to boot off the SSD while it's...