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    Office 2013 and Outlook Issues

    After sorting through the crisis created by the KB3000850 MS update clashing with Avast I am finally after two days seeing the light. The experience has left my Outlook mail program on my Laptop hanging and not opening. After repairing both on and offline, and restarts and boots in safe mode I...
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    KB3000850 Windows Update Culprit

    Apparently this update KB3000850 is interacting with Avast users and some not Avast users to wreck their systems. Uninstalling it is the key to getting the system back to normal and waiting till they fix the issue...dont download.
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    Windows Recent Updates Cause Havoc

    I have my update set to download but choose what and when to update. Since the update my laptop has gone nuts. It first started not allowing me to get on internet, then its now allowing me. A message appeared "execution faled" or something like that. My Avast has disappeared like a whipped...
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    Free updates for Windows 8 Drivers

    Hi, I have been on a search for free driver updates for my graphics hardware on my pc but here are the difficulties so far: 1. I cant even locate what needs to be updated - where do I find ALL of my graphics cards/hardware in one spot? 2. Everytime I think I have found a brilliant online tool...
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    Office 2013 wont start after re-install....

    I am having similar issues to the posts on here and notice even my Windows Movie Maker is affected by the crash. I have had to revert to One Note to get info out of saved documents. I am away from my home where my key is and so a re-install is not gonna happen. I need an answer as Office is...
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    Solved .docx

    My pc randomly converted all of my word documents to .docx yesterday. Why did it do this without my permission? Is it better to have .docx or .doc? What other random things in 8 should i be aware of going on without my permission?
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    Too Many Users

    The picture explains my dilemma. I am the "anyti_" user (which is confusing as I never chose this name when buying the new pc- its my server email registration account name?) The others are said to be dangerous to delete as they may be part of an operating system. I dont see how this can be as...
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    Snipping Tool Pics - where did they go?

    I have this problem sometimes but not all the time. It did it to me again just now. I use the snipping tool to get a screenshot and save it to my desktop but it never appears on my desktop? I do another snip and save it to my desktop and it says "capture already exists" - but its not on my...
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    Copying and Pasting Links

    I copy a link from the adress bar of a site and then paste onto Word doc but nothing happens. I go back and hit copy and paste again and then it works? Whats going on?
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    Solved Guest User Account - Suicidal

    I am not really getting any help with this anywhere. Here is the link to show what I am up to: Turn off Guest account W8 - Geeks to Go Forums Its gotta be something simpler than this.