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    Solved how to stop documents from being stored in the cloud?

    Only files you store in the Skydrive folders or other online storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive will be stored on the "cloud". Any other location on your PC will only be stored locally.
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    disk space

    Programs don't usually take up the most space on a PC, it's usually the data that uses the most space. It is probably pictures, videos, and things like that taking up most of the space. There is a great program for determining what files are taking up the space on your HD, it's called...
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    Windows 8 duplicating files

    A library isn't an actual folder. Here is an explanation from Microsoft about what a Library is. The page is talking about Windows 7 but the same concept applies to Windows 8 Libraries. Libraries - Microsoft Windows
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    Windows 8 duplicating files

    If you have the My Documents folder included as one of the folders in the "Documents" library you would see the same documents listed under My Docs and Documents since a library is just a way to organize and display one or more related folders in one easy to view location. The actual files...
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    Solved Web Site's Security Certificate

    I'd check to make sure the Time and Date are correct on the system. Have you tried accessing the site from several different browsers like Chrome and Firefox, does the same thing happen?
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    How to import picture on Start (metro) menu pls

    Here is a Youtube video I made showing how to change your Lockscreen background. Here is a YouTube video I did of how to change the Start Screen background. You can also try this tutorial from this site...
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    Solved desktop photo

    Here's a YouTube video I made demonstrating how to take a screenshot in Windows 8 or 8.1.
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    Hard Drive seemed to shrink from 1TB to 99GB. How to fix?

    You said you did a factory reset, and just today it finished. How long did it take? If it took more than an hour or 2 there might be an issued with the hardware like the hard drive.
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    Solved how to get pound sign and others on windows 8

    If you mean this pound sign,#, it is shift + 3. Most keyboards have them printed above the numbers at the top of the keyboard.
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    Solved emailing picture

    What program are you using for your email?
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    basic question

    I have a series of Youtube videos about Windows 8 that you might want to check out.
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    Solved Windows 8.1 Safe Mode

    See if this video helps.
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    Solved RunDLL (Not Responding) message box at every startup

    You might also want to check the Task Scheduler to see if the Backgroundcontainer is trying to run from there. Sometimes even after you uninstall all of the conduit junk it still remains in the Task Scheduler.
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    Zoom in mong

    Did you zoom in to the desktop or in a web browser? Does it look like either one of the following screenshots?
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    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

    You might also want to try Hiren's boot cd and the program rufus. If you want to create a USB boot drive that you can actually run to use as a tool for troubleshooting a system they are a great way to go. Here is a link to a video on youtube I made describing how to create the drive...
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    "All Programs" List View as per Win 7 versus Metro view

    Here is a video I made showing how to boot directly to the desktop in Windows 8.1. Here is a whole playlist of both Windows 8 and 8.1 videos.
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    Most laptops have either a key combination or dedicated switch that toggles the wireless on and off. I would check to see if maybe you accidentally disable the wireless on your laptop.
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    Apple's OS X or Windows 8

    Here is a video showing how to have two apps side by side in Windows 8.1 Here is a video on how to close an app in Windows 8 or 8.1.
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    App Switcher / Top Left Hot Corner Broken?

    Did you try moving the pointer into the upper left corner until you see those boxes, then moving the pointer slightly down?