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    Solved I installed fonts, now system fonts bad.

    Either download or create this .reg file. Then merge it with your registry and logout and login to your user profile. (or reboot the computer) Download Contents: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] "BorderWidth"="-15"...
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    Solved OS won't boot on Dell Inspiron 3520

    I misunderstood your question, my apologies. Let me ask a few questions to be sure I understand correctly. Windows is currently installed as UEFI or Legacy? When you change BIOS settings, and save then exit (F10). They automatically revert back to the old settings reboot?
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    Video lags in browser

    That would cause buffering, not tearing. Try checking in task manager, while playing a movie, if your CPU is maxed out or not. Check if the Video lags at all in internet explorer. It uses a different rendering engine, and a different flash plugin than Palemoon/Firefox. That will at least...
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    Unable to Un-Install a program from control Panel

    This happens when the registry entry for the uninstallation of the software has been incorectly configured, or damaged. This can also happen when an uninstallation utility fails to clear the entries in the registry during or after a software uninstallation. Without manually looking into the...
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    Solved cant get past welcome screen

    Sorry glock183, I was away for awhile. You burned a DVD from the tool I linked you right? After that you should be able to boot the DVD and get to the Windows setup prompt. There may be two boot options. [UEFI: DVD] and [DVD]. You'll probably want the one which says UEFI in your BIOS boot...
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    Error: Failed to load resource DLL ???

    This is one of the cases where running this command is actually appropriate. Open cmd as administrator and run: sfc /scannow Report back with what happens.
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    Desktop missing, Cannot restore system

    Open task manager and run the task: "explorer.exe" Report back with what happens.
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    Display turns off despite having changed settings

    Could be a BIOS setting, but like Mage said, you need to provide make, model, OS, and other relevant information.
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    Windows 8.1 installation in UEFI mode

    Yes, you can have Windows installed to a GPT disk, and boot it via UEFI, while having any and all other disks formatted for MBR. Now you should take care to try to always use UEFI mode, as it's the new standard, and MBR is tired and old. That doesn't stop you from having another Windows...
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    Boot Crash Loop

    Did you actually try it? Memtest programs are very small so they're very unlikely to reside in bad areas of ram.
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    Weak WiFi reception on HP 15 AC042tu

    OP says another computer doesn't have the problem, so probably not the AP. I've never seen 1901 go over painlessly. That's just my experience though. Plus the opto-isolator lags and limitations. I never trusted it.
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    Solved Change 32 bit to 64 bit ???

    Format the hard drive. Install windows with a 64-bit install media. Your processor must be x86_64. All x86 processors made in the past 5 years should have the 64-bot extension. Very few exceptions, if any.
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    Solved BSOD After Installing NVIDIA Drivers

    NVIDIA nTune is massively deprecated software. It's latest version is from 2007... You might have broke something by messing with it. I'm not going to research what registry entries and other modifications ntune makes, don't have a proper test machine at the moment. Your display driver is...
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    Solved cant get past welcome screen

    You don't need to purchase a new Windows disc. You can burn your own legally. The getter option would be to use a windows install flash drive to access the advanced settings or recovery options. Download this tool from Microsoft. It should allow you to easily create a Windows 8.1 install...
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    Touchpad Locks whenever I rest my hands on the motherboard

    I wouldn't rest my hands on a power-on motherboard. Really though, have you checked mouse settings in control panel? There should be a synaptics settings tab there. You can likely configure the touchpad to better suit your use.
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    Mail, Calendar and People open empty in taskbar

    Have you tried reinstalling the apps? Uninstall from start screen, then reinstall from store or someplace else.
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    No more canned air for me !

    Protip: Don't use it on your keyboard, but if you do, wash your hands before eating/drinking... That stuff tastes awful.
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    Weak WiFi reception on HP 15 AC042tu

    Your wireless cards antennas may have come loose. You can check by opening up the laptop and looking at the card. They should look like this: If either is disconnected, just press it down onto the circular connector, it doesn't take much force so don't crush it, you could bend the little...
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    Cant navigate UEFI menu.. I accidently disabled USB!

    Configuration settings for UEFI are stored on EEPROM (aka NVRAM: non-volatile random access memory) This includes desktops as well Most tablets provide no means to physically clear "CMOS" either. If you would like, you can try to dump the contents of the BIOS ROM with this tool. (Windows...
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    Connecting graphics tablet to a tablet computer

    What sort of tablet is the windows tablet? Typically Micro and Mini USB ports are not USB host ports. A host port is required to connect a USB device to the tablet. I can tell you if it gas a host port if you provide the model.