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    How to find device by VID and PID in device manager?

    Windows Update is trying unsuccessfully to install an updated driver from Lifeworks, and I would like to find out which device it is. The description is merely: LifeWorks Technology Group LLC - Input - USB Human Interface Device and my system includes a lot of HID devices. However, based on...
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    Why can't Domain Users access second hard drive?

    I have joined a freshly installed Windows 8.1 client to a domain controlled by Synology NAS. The Domain Admins group was automatically added the the Administrators (Administratoren) group and the Domain Users group was automatically added to the Authenticated Users (Benutzer) group as...
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    How to modify registry keys for default user

    Before creating additional logins on my newly installed Windows 8.1 Pro x64, I would like to make some changes in the registry to apply to all newly created users. In Windows 7 I did this by making a custom unatended installation USB in which I loaded the default user's hive from...