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    Solved Best Sound Card for Beats Studio

    I would say to get better headphones then worry about your sound card... Say away from beats if your interested in making any kind of Music... Some proper Sennheiser or Audio-Technica headphones should sound a world of a difference.
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    Need help with multiple sound cards with 2.1 setup

    Hello, I have an ASUS laptop integrated into my Bedroom Theater and 2.1 sound system. Currently I have an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC plugged into the USB 2.0 port from there the 1 stereo output of the Dragonfly heads over to a spliter after that one end goes to an amp for the main speakers and the...
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    what the difference between windows 8 and windows 7 64 bit

    windows 8 is now obsolete, but you can get windows 8.1 which actually has a start button. you can treat the start screen like the start menu in windows 7, but it will take some getting used to. if you dont wanna get used to it you can download classic shell which is a start menu, but to me it...
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    Notepad opens on boot

    1. Check your startup folder... (i Forgot where it is (Google it)) 2. check your startup programs by going to the start screen -> searching "msconfig" (without quotes) -> startup. there might be notepad.exe hope it helps
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    Solved Log on screen not showing icons

    I had that happen before where the icons aren't showing. what happened is that the font got replaced by a certain application and you need to reinstall the old font. I can't remember which font it is, but you can google it and how to replace it, which is how I fixed mine
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    Solved Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) Won't run on Windows 8.1

    Thank you to everyone and it was only a problem with the installation... it now runs and i also got a resolution modder to work on it.. Kudos to all
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    Solved Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) Won't run on Windows 8.1

    Still No Luck... Is it probably because I have it installed on a separate partition on my hard drive????
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    Solved Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005) Won't run on Windows 8.1

    Hello Everyone I'm having trouble running the original nfs most wanted on my laptop with windows 8.1 pro with MC. It will install , but it won't run. I have the original CD, but I want to keep it in good condition so I installed a mod so it will run without a CD. it works on my Windows 7...