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    "Secure Connection Failed" when trying to connect to this one website on my desktop

    I've been trying to resolve this before and did not succeed. So I have to start again. Let me explain the issue: When I'm trying to connect to the website of this small local bank from my desktop using both Chrome and Firefox browsers, both hang for about half a minute and then display these...
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    How to change color profile for one of the monitors?

    I have a 4 monitor setup for my desktop. 3 screens are ACERs which show colors nicely. But one is AOC, which generally shows all colors but for some programs like Photoshop and Windows Photo Viewer it displays this ugly yellow color instead of white. So I went into CP -> Color Management and...
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    Self-renaming external HDD upon boot. How to stop it?

    I have the following layout of internal and external drives in my desktop: C: thru G: are internal drives, while I:, J:, N: and O: are external HDDs used for onsite backups. Each drive also has BitLocker full disk encryption on. The key to unlock each drive is stored on a USB stick that I...
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    My monitor doesn't go into power saving mode after update

    I'm running Windows 8.1 desktop with 3 monitors. They are set up to show password-protected screensaver after 5 minutes of inactivity and then to turn all screens off after 30 minutes. It used to work great until ... I installed Windows updates yesterday and noticed today that one of the...
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    What is COM Surrogate and why is it continuously using CPU

    I've noticed that the CPU on my Windows 8.1 desktop seems to have been continuously used up by 12%-15% by something named "COM Surrogate" (see screenshot attached.) Is there any way to find out what that is? And maybe stop it?
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    VMWare Workstation hangs up guest VMs in full screen mode

    I have a 3-monitor desktop setup running Windows 8.1 (as a host OS.) I use one monitor exclusively to run VMWare Workstation 10. When VMWare first loads up at host PC boot I click "Enter full screen mode" button, which expands it to the size of that monitor. I then usually load several guest...
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    Suggestions for software to do local backups? No Acronis!

    Hi everyone: First let me share the bad experience that I had while using one of the major brands of software for the local backup -- Acronis True Image 2014. I purchased and was using their software since 2014. I set it up to make incremental backups of my local files to an external hard...
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    Windows 8 thumbnails missing for Google Chrome's jumplists

    Just curious if this is something that can be fixed? Say, I have several Google Chrome windows open in my Windows 8.1. Then if I leave my desktop, the screen turns off in about 20 minutes. (The system itself is not configured to enter sleep though.) When I later move the mouse to wake it up...
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    Can't connect Xbox 360 to the Internet via Windows 8 w/ICS

    I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to the internet to use my Live account. I'm following these instructions. My desktop is running Windows 8 that has a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. I connected the desktop to my Xbox 360 using the ethernet cable but whatever I do the Xbox doesn't seem to be...
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    Get "toast" notifications of new emails on Windows 8.1 des

    I am using Windows 8 on my desktop computer. I've set up the built-in Mail app to show "toast" notifications when I receive a new email. This stuff: It worked well until I upgraded to 8.1. Now I don't receive any toast notifications. Any idea how to fix this? I'm following this tutorial...
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    Tuff N Tiny USB drive stopped working when copying files

    I have the Tuff N Tiny - Verbatim 8GB memory stick. Similar to this one: I was copying some files from Windows 8.1 to a Mac OS X, did all safe removal stuff. But then plugged it into Mac and ... nothing. Plugged it again...
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    Display driver stopped responding and has recovered error

    I am using the latest version of Windows 8.1 on my desktop computer. Once in a while I get this popup that gives me the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" error: I recently went to the Intel site and downloaded and installed an update to their driver, but that didn't help...
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    How to get rid of Windows 8.1 tips?

    I just installed Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine and I can't seem to get rid of this annoyance (see "Switch between apps" and the orange arrow on the left): I am not on a tablet and can't swipe from the side. All I can do is click on it but it comes right back and obscures my view. Worst of...
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    How to change the look of the .htm file icon?

    My htm/html files saved on the desktop in Windows 8 looked like this: Now when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 they look like this: How can I return their previous look? PS. I went as far as tried to see if there's anything mixed up in the registry and here's what I got:
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    Remove “Folders” and “Network locations” links in 8.1

    Let me explain with a couple of screenshots. I just upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1 and now I get a bunch of useless shortcuts in Windows Explorer when I try to open a file, or if I just plainly go to My Computer. Stuff like this: Or this: Can I hide the links circled in red? The reason...
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    Windows 8 takes too long to boot

    I bought my Dell desktop about 3 years ago. Since then I replaced the HDD with a new Samsung SSD and reinstalled Windows 8 on it. After that it started running really fast. I usually don't reboot it too often, I do it maybe once a month after installing updates. What I've been noticing lately...
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    Backup and Restore after downgrading to 8.1

    I really loved the feature in Windows 7 (and later in 8) that allowed to make incremental daily image backups of our drives (C: or D:, etc.) using the "Backup and restore" option. Now after having gone to 8.1 I learned that this option is no longer available. Microsoft page suggests using File...
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    How to reinstall Windows 8 after a previous upgrade?

    I build my own desktop. I first had Windows Vista on it, which I bought on a DVD. I then skipped Windows 7 completely, but later upgraded to Windows 8 when Microsoft had a promotional period for it early in 2012 when it just came out. Now I'm replacing the motherboard and also swapping the HDD...
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    Windows 8 hangs up on boot after installing updates

    About couple hours ago I decided to install updates on my Windows 8 desktop. I had about 12 or so. Can't remember which ones now. My update settings are to notify me of the updates but not to install them. So I manually clicked, yes, install. Then after a little while the updates window showed...
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    Solved Looking for Unlocker-like tool to work on Windows 8

    I've been using a tool called Unlocker on my Windows XP through Windows 7 with a great success. It was an amazing tool, but since I switched to Windows 8 it no longer works. I.e. it doesn't show files being locked when they clearly are. Moreover I tried contacting a developer and received no...