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  1. thefabe

    Help need to re-set a Gateway LT41POSu to factory

    Thanks Shawn #6 did it Fabe
  2. thefabe

    Help need to re-set a Gateway LT41POSu to factory

    Hello everyone. I recently got a Gateway laptop (LT41POSu) with Win 8 on it in a pallet deal. I have the user name and log on password, what I need to know is how to remove it and re-set it to factory settings so I can sell it. Thanks Eric
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    Windows 8 Consumer preview Released

    Just saw my first commercial, stating release date set for fall.
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    Word association [3]

  5. thefabe

    What annoys you? [2]

    Peope that make me stand in the rain waiting for a rain coat. :drool:
  6. thefabe

    What annoys you? [2]

    People that only see the negitive things in their lives.
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    What annoys you? [2]

  8. thefabe

    What annoys you?

    Much worse!!!
  9. thefabe


    Another Dental appointment. Working on my smile :thumbsup:
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    Word association [2]

  11. thefabe

    What annoys you?

    Single ply toilet paper and the pervebial BLOWOUT ! :roflmao: Fabe
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    Keep One Change One [2]

    Blowup Doll :Devil:
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    Technet subscription

    Would someone please be so kind as to inform me either on here or on SF of any Technet discount subscriptions that may or may not come into play? Thanks.Fabe
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    How many rigs do you have ?

    The simole answer is 3 Fabe
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    Windows 8 build list

    LOl Fabe
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    Ballmer promises Kinect for PC support in the future

    Very cool news. wonder how it would effect their console sales? Fabe
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    Windows 8, There’s a Lot More to Come

    Once again Thanks for keeping us updated Jan. I really want to get involved with this one especially now since I can afford a Technet subscription. Fabe
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Welcome to all new members. Hopefully we'll have something toget to work on soon. Fabe
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    Windows 8 Release Date Possibly Leaked

    I'm not buying it to soon, if for no other reason look at all the money still left on the table by getting all the businesss still usuing XP. I think a lot of converting still has to go on. JMO but 3 years sounds more like a possibility, Fabe
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    Why should I display country/state flag?

    It's already been mentioned but displaying the flag helps a lot especialy when a member is asking what video card he should buy or parts. More than not most people go right to Newegg and list suggestions only to find out that the person lives in another country and not everything is avalible to...