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  1. Phil K

    Two minor irritants

    One - when I am putting pictures into a folder, in 7 it would say something like theres a pic with same name, replace it or add both ? (Name would be changed slightly) it doesn't in eight. Either replace it or do the name yourself. I linked my email address with the password for...
  2. Phil K

    Problem with monitor through Windows 8

    Since I just bought Windows8, my new ips LG monitor will NOT fill the full screen. Theres a black border round the edges, mouse won't go into, no way to get rid of it (with my old Samsung, this appeared but I managed to get rid of it by using the Catalyst prog, but Windows 8 says there is...
  3. Phil K

    A BSOD a day keeps the owner at bay

    Baffling. Haven't a clue why its happening and no help at all from Windows. Sometimes I'll go out for a while or come back to my comp after dinner, and "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" - bsod in other words. Temps are not the problem (checked) but dunno what is Intel i5 2500k...
  4. Phil K

    Anyway to anchor icons ? To have them stay where put ?

    No matter how I close down Windows 8, the position Windows 8 puts the icons is where the open with. EXACTLY WHERE I DON'T WANT THEM !
  5. Phil K

    Those annoying black curtains jumping in from left and right

    Quite often when you move to the right theres the black curtain contain 4 or so icons, and the same to the left with previous pages. WHY ? Theres been precious little that has impressed me about Windows 8 so far. Nothing that I can think of actually. But this has me in a rage. Anyway to switch...