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  1. tw33k

    Solved Windows Firewall Blocking LAN Connection

    I have some shared folders that others need to access via a Windows 7 VM. Suddenly they can't, an error saying device is not responding. If I disable Windows Firewall on my PC (Windows 8.1) they can connect. However even this is a problem because they need to enter username and password even tho...
  2. tw33k

    Solved Brand new laptop problems

    I'm setting up an MSI CR70 for one of my staff and am having nothing but problems. I removed some of the bloatware and installed avast! plus a couple other programs and it seemed to be working. She had to ship the laptop back to me because it had become unresponsive and she couldn't use it. I...
  3. tw33k

    Show Your SSD Performance

    Like the thread on Seven Forums, post your SSD benchmark results here. I just upgraded the firmware on my Crucial M4 and ran AS SSD. Performance was lousy so I ran a secure erase and it's better than ever, BEFORE AFTER
  4. tw33k

    Solved Updates Killed My Installation

    Yesterday after installing updates and rebooting my, computer crashed hard and I had to reset it. Today, it happened again so I'm restoring an image I made with Acronis. When it's up and running again, I'll check available updates and install one by one to see what the hell is going on...
  5. tw33k

    Custom Start Orb

    I use Stardock Start 8 and it's great. It allows the user to use a custom sStart Orb. I was hoping someone would make one for me. Here is the start orb I want (this was made for Windows 7) Here is one of the Start Orbs that come with Start 8 If someone could convert the first orb...
  6. tw33k

    New Technet Sub

    I first got a Technet sub when Win 7 was released but I let it lapse. I was just about to pull the trigger on a new sub but while looking for a promo code came across this Can someone confirm that if I let my sub expire expire in 12 months that I will be unable to use the software I...
  7. tw33k

    Windows 8 Security

    Post your ideas/suggestins/wants for improvements to be added to the next version of Windows. I'd like to see UAC improved. More information about exactly what's going on could be handy. Bit-locker available in more versions and not just Ultimate. What do you all want to see?
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    Microsoft's Future: Crystal Clear

  9. tw33k

    The Future of Windows