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  1. osholt

    IT Professional Network Manager Qualifications?

    I'm looking into becoming a fully certified IT Proffesional, ideally a Network manager. What are desirable/recommended Microsoft certifications or University Qualifications if applicable? (or any other qualifications!) If anyone could shed some light on this, maybe someone WITH...
  2. osholt

    The Snip Thread

    I thought Eight Forums deserved its own dedicated snip thread, it might take a while to pick up but I got one none the less ;). 777 Posts! If you see something snip worthy, screenshot it and post it here. Oli
  3. osholt


    I thought this forum needed a little bit of a pick me up thread which would give everybody the ability to post, comment etc. This thread is just like the one on Seven Forums except we have to strive to make it even more interesting than that one. Also I didn't want John's precious bandwidth...
  4. osholt

    What languages can you speak (or aspire to speak)?

    This thread is inspired by a discussion we had recently over on SF. Do you speak a language other than English? I can speak a little bit of French (which is more than enough to survive on when in France) and I'm currently learning ancient Greek and Latin... but they don't really count ;). If...
  5. osholt

    What do you have as your Desktop Background & Screen Saver?

    What do you have as your Desktop Background & Screen Saver? I personally have the default Windows 7 background on my main PC and the default Windows Server 2008 background on my Server running WHS Vail. My Screensaver is 'Sysinternal Bluescreen', or as most people call it when they first...
  6. osholt

    How many people will head the words of Stephen Fry?

    Last year when steven fry reached 1 million twitter followers he created this spoof video: YouTube - Twillionth Near the end he mentions that you should give Windows 8 a miss. Taking all bets. :p