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    Can't Find Screen Cover For Bush Eluma B1 10.1Inch Tablet

    hi folks can anyone advise a supplier of screen covers for my Bush Eluma B1 10.1Inch Windows Tablet with Keyboard/Case ive tried 5 different makes so far they have all turned out too be either too little or to big cutting it down is fine except it starts too lift after a while where I have had...
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    Which Version Do I Need

    hi hope you can help I am looking to purchase windows 8 with the option of installing media centre but I have become confused on which version to purchase one dealer says all I need is 8.1 then purchase the media centre for around ten pounds and others advise too purchase the pro pack which...
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    Solved how can i revert back to 8.1 from 10 past return date

    hi folks I have a Bush AC101CS bush 10 inch tablet with keyboard I thought I would try W.10 so I upgraded from 8.1 after 2weeks the tablet started too run real slow etc. I downgraded back too 8.1 great I thought back too normal all was well until one morning I found an important update had...
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    Built 2nd New Pc Advice On Media Center Req

    hi guys as you know windows 10 does not support windows media centre I have a windows 7Pro running media center but I thought I would move onto w8 with this ne build I have read and read and asked but get conflicting info back regarding media centre on amazon their is w8.1 full version...