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    19 Optional Windows Updates available

    Seem to be getting lots of regular optional updates in the number of teens, Just looked today and I have 19 optional updates for Win 8.1 Update. Anyone know what these updates are because Windows Update certainly dont tell you?
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    Macrium 6 free being pushed as an update

    As above to free users, with auto verification, diff and incremental sets and backup auto file management. :thumb:
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    Solved Bing Bar how do I get rid from IE

    Hi Updated my HP printer drivers today after recommended by the Print and Scan Doctor from HP but alas it bundled Bing Bar with it into IE. I goto to Manage Addons and more information but the remove button is greyed out and cant find it in the programs list. Malware bytes doesn't find it and...
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    Solved BSOD when starting machine with reoaired graphics card

    Hi I had an MSI GT610 graphics card go faulty, the DVI port started showing artifacts and had a red tint, Manufacturer replaced with a refurbished V2 GT610. At first it booted ok into Windows but clock speeds were wrong (550 instead of 810 and memory clock 600 instead of 1200). On second boot...
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    Video hardware error, or is it?

    Hi This is the second video card I have had this problem with, First was an MSI GT610 1GDDR3 passive cooled card on a MSI P35 Neo motherboard. Unfortunately hot plugging this card into another monitor while trying to diagnose the problem blew the DVI port so it was replaced with an Asus GT610...
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    Macrium Reflect PE BOOT wont browse some disks on backup

    I run a daily backup with Macrium Reflect Free for home use and I thought I would just test the browse image from a USB stick and it wont browse some of my disks. I cant even mount them in the PE environments. I have two physical disks with 8 partitions and 3 of them wont mount from the backup...
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    Solved Firefox 36.0.1 not showing random images on facebook

    Hi This started a few days ago where some images in my feed show as black boxes. For example after scrolling for a couple of pages a photo posted will show as a black box. If I click on the picture it opens ok in a new view. Then I will scroll another couple of pages and the posters Icon will...
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    Solved MSI GT610 DVI-D port has red overlay but VGA ok

    Hi As the title really, had the DVI port blown? Its still under 3 year warranty but VGA port works fine. At first I thought it was my Dell monitor until I tried a spare Viewsonic where the display was all blue. So I began testing with the VGA port and both monitors were ok. Have taken out the...
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    Windows 8.1 Lock screen login puzzle

    Hi I have installed Win 10 as an upgrade on a seperate partition to my Win 8.1. Win 10 is x64 version and Win 8.1 is 32 bit. As far as I can tell this puzzle started when I upgraded the x64 partition to Win 10. Now when my lock screen appears and I click the mouse for the password box there is...
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    'N' version or not

    I bought Windows 8 Pro from the MS store as an upgrade when it was originally released. I upgraded to 8.1 Pro but I have no clue if I have the 'N' version or not as some of the ISOs on Technet have both versions. Which version to download and which version does my key support? Tim PS Im using...
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    Solved Stuck email counter on Metro Mail

    I am using both WLM and Metro Mail and there appears to be an email stuck somewhere but I cant find it. The email was an invitation to an event on facebook which I maybe'd then deleted. I have checked all the folders on Metro Mail and it is nowhere to be found but it shows up on the live tile...
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    Any point upgrading RAM from 4gb to 8gb on 32 bit?

    Hi I am running Win 8.1 32 bit on a MSI P35 Neo with 4 gb of RAM. Been looking at upgrades for RAM and it would be about £120 to get a matched set of 8gb RAM or there abouts. But I will be sticking to 32 bit OS even if I upgrade to Win 10 as most of the drivers for my peripherals are included...
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    Readyboost configuration?

    I have just got myself a corsair 32gb usb drive and have nothing to put on it yet. It is the first drive that is fast enough for readyboost on my win 8.1 system. Checking the configuration tab it says dont use, dedicate this device, or use this device with a slider set at 4096 mb. I have 4...
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    hiberfil.sys what is it and can I get rid of it?

    Using space sniffer hiberfil.sys comes up at 4gb per partition of my triple boot system (win 8.1 x86, win xp and win 8.1 x64). I dont hibernate and it is off in settings or says "never" so why do I have a hibernate file? Also AppData seems to be large at 5 gb anything in there to delete? My Win...
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    Logon to MS account slow

    After rebooting (which seems to take ages) my Logon after putting the password in seems to take ages about 15 seconds or so before desktop will show. Is this because of the internet, or anyone else experiencing this? Tim
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    Transferring large files to USB hard disk

    Hi I am transferring a large backup file 229 GB from internal HDD to USB HDD. Halfway through the transfer the transfer rate slows from 25 mb/s to about 8 mb/s. So I pause the transfer on the dialog and it restarts at 25 mb/s. If I had left it it would have taken ages to complete at 8 mb/s. Any...
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    Lots of out of band updates today

    Got about 5 updates today after patch Tuesday's round, fixes or something else?
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    Where can I ask question about windows 8.1 phone

    Hi Whats the best place to ask about windows 8.1 phone? My IE mobile keeps crashing the phone (soft restart) when I visit and press sign in. Have deleted temp files. Opera browser doesnt crash the phone but its beta. Tim
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    Wbackup general question

    Hi Was backing up 3 partitions on drive 0 using wbackup, drive d (XP). drive c (win 8.1 pro x86) and drive I (win 8.1 pro x64). I have this setup in the task scheduler so I ran it manually as I had just changed video drivers on all 3 partitions. Using a cmd box the backup ran for the first...
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    Solved Sudden black screen no BSOD.

    Hi everyone I was just checking email on my Win 8.1 Pro machine and got a sudden black screen no BSOD. I know my MSI P35 board is a bit old but thought my Video card or monitor had gone. PSU is old but only a couple of years I think and it is a Corsair modular 500w. I know this is a one off but...