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  1. brummyfan

    What is the difference between window 8.1 and windows 10?

    Windows 10 is the newest OS and it's more suitable for newer hardware, mainstream support ended in 2018 for Windows 8.1, so you will not receive any security updates, otherwise if you are happy and more familiar with the way 8.1 works you can continue to use 8.1, the boot time depends on the...
  2. brummyfan

    What app or program way to clean windows folder? (picture)

    Try these methods from this link:How to Save Space By Cleaning Windows' WinSxS Folder
  3. brummyfan

    No Store nether Edge apps found after fix

    Hi, Could you please post this in tenforums to get more response: Windows 10 Forums
  4. brummyfan

    Windows 8.1 can't recognize 8gb ram

    Remove one memory stick and swap around to see whether it fixes the problem, you need to check them individually to find out if any of the stick is faulty, don't forget to seat them properly.
  5. brummyfan

    Why does the Favorites stop adding website?

    You could try resetting IE under Advanced tab, if that doesn't help, use sfc /scannow command from this tutorial:
  6. brummyfan

    Solved Can't extend Local Disk drive on 8.1

    You are welcome, you can manually move any data/documents/pictures to the E drive.
  7. brummyfan

    Solved Can't extend Local Disk drive on 8.1

    You can not do this as these are two different disks, you can extend a partition within a drive but not to another drive.
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    Last Letter Game [12]

  9. brummyfan

    Microsoft Account

    Try the Password you use now to login.
  10. brummyfan

    Strange wi-fi problem

    Good luck :thumb:
  11. brummyfan

    Strange wi-fi problem

    You could try disabling Power saving feature in Power management tab(Device Manager) by untick "Allow the computer to turn off........) and switching DNS to either google dns or Open dns also may be helpful. How to change the DNS settings on the Dlink DSL-3680
  12. brummyfan

    No wifi option on windows 8

    Connect your laptop to router with Ethernet cable and download the driver for your wireless card, then try network connections.
  13. brummyfan

    Will Windows 10 free upgrade be available as ISO download

    You could create the iso using this tutorial: ESD to ISO - Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 ESD File - Windows 10 Forums
  14. brummyfan

    Acer Launch Manager Stopped Working - Images Gone

    I have v7.0.5 (Win 8) in my Win 8.1, you could try different versions from here:Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site One of them will work for you, it doesn't show in start up for me as well.
  15. brummyfan

    March 10th 2015 Windows Updates

    32 updates, installed them all except "windows malicious software removal tool", no issues so far.
  16. brummyfan

    Printer icon in notification area diasppeared

    Hi, You can go to Control Panel, Hardware and sound, Devices and Printers and then double click your Printer, hope that helps.
  17. brummyfan

    Printer icon in notification area diasppeared

    Try clicking Ctrl+P buttons.
  18. brummyfan

    I'm lost on this Forum

    When you go to a specific section, new thread button appears.
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    Question about creating a bootable USB flash drive

    Sandisk Cruzer Edge 8GB working as a bootable drive.