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    Solved info about how to make Win 8.1 ISO DVD ?

    Is there a page of information available that shows how to make an ISO DVD file of a rebootable Windows 8 OS ? I am interested in a rebootable dvd to init the OS Windows 8.1 Please post any info about how to do this. Thanks for any and all replies. Cliff Manis
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    Is there a MsConfig for Win 8 that would be safe to run ?

    Thanks, and please post any info if there is a MsConfig Program that is ok to use for Win 8 and thanks,. Cliff
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    attempting upgrade from win 8.1 to win 10.,,.,,,,

    ..I finally was able to get my win 8 upgrade to win 8.1 and rebooting it, and all apears to be fine with it. I still need to be able to upgrade the win 8,1 that I have not to be a windows 10. .... but... the desktop win 8.1 that I have now does not show the small windows icon on the right-side...
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    Solved "Failure configuring windows updates..."

    I have a Acer 5600U desktop I purchased with win 8, and then upgraded to win 8.1 and all was fine until about one month ago when I got the virus "Runtime Manager, finding discount" and lots of error problems. I finally go back to Win 8 and load win 8 from the OEM on the hard drive, and that...