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  1. chiumiento

    Best cheap gaming PC

    First of all I would like to try and keep the project under $1100. But I could go as high as $1500 but do not really want to. I would like to buy the cheapest gaming PC I can buy. But I would like it to be able to play any game I want to play. I would also like this to be able to play games for...
  2. chiumiento

    Question about Update installation issue fixes

    If Microsoft is going to release an update to fix the issues some people are having with other updates not installing. Will the new update they are going to release install if the updates you already have will not? In other words If I had not found a solution to my update problem and I could...
  3. chiumiento

    Solved Giving a fake key from Microsoft.

    I was giving a fake key from Microsoft employe. He had me do a full clean install of windows. When I finished I learned that the product key he gave me was being used on another computer. I contacted him again and he just sent me over to another employee. This employee told me they could not...
  4. chiumiento

    Solved KB2756872 Known Issue Windows Update

    Windows update installation Issue (KB2756872) Update for Windows 8 for x64-based Systems (KB2756872) Will not install. Things I have tried and been unsuccessful with: System update readiness System file checker/Scannow or SFC I have tried downloading the update manually. I have also...