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  1. brummyfan

    A feature in Panda Security

    I like this feature in Panda Security but have to wait to test until get infected :D
  2. brummyfan

    Solved Why do I get this watermark?

    Hi, Could someone please tell me why I get this watermark in my desktop, my OS activated and noticed this accidentally.
  3. brummyfan

    Solved June Updates make my screen blinking

    I don't like the June updates, I have recovered my previous image and will try one by one later on, the updates make my screen blinking on certain website :eek: EDIT: Sorry, false alarm, updated the GPU driver and solved the problem :D
  4. brummyfan

    Solved Problem with youtube videos

    Hi, I get the following message when I try to play some of the videos in youtube using IE11, tried deleting browsing history but no luck. Thanks for any help. EDIT: I can play the video by using search with the name of the video.
  5. brummyfan

    Solved Thumbnails for Camcorder Video Files not showing

    Hi, I have a problem with my video clips taken by a Camcorder, I can not find a way to show the thumbnails, normal videos in Video folder and Picture folder have thumbnails, I have tried changing Folder Options but still no thumbnails, could someone please help me, Thanks.
  6. brummyfan

    No more Adobe Flash Player for me

    I don't see Adobe Flash Player when I play Youtube, it has HTML5 Player after the recent Update1.
  7. brummyfan

    Solved Unable to access IE11 after the recent Update

    Hi, My IE11 doesn't respond after the Windows 8.1 Update1, I have tried sfc /scannow and Dism command to repair but the result is same, could someone point me at the right direction, Thanks.
  8. brummyfan

    Different values for Video memory

    Hi, I have 64MB for video memory reported in BIOS but my Adapter shows only 32MB, could someone please tell me it's normal and I am looking at two different things or something isn't right, I have the latest Intel HD4000 drivers installed. Thanks.
  9. brummyfan

    Solved How do I stop Skydrive checking for changes?

    Hi, I have noticed that my CPU usage has gone up and the fan keep running, the reason for it is SkyDrive checking for changes. I don't use SkyDrive, could someone please tell me how to stop it checking, Thanks. EDIT: Sorry, it was a false alarm, Malwarebytes found few and all OK now.
  10. brummyfan

    Solved Unable to install newer driver for ELAN touchpad

    Hi, I have upgraded to 8.1 from 8(OEM) through the Store, when I tried to install the ELAN driver for 8.1 from Acer, installer says the driver installed but in device manager it shows only "PS2 compatible driver", the old driver works but it doesn't include "ETDctrl.exe" in Startup, I have to...
  11. brummyfan

    Solved Changing MTU value.

    Hi, I am trying to change my MTU value, after changing in cmd(admin) it says "Ok" but when I reboot, the value switches back to the default value(1500), could someone help me change it to the value(1492) I have set in my router please. Thanks.
  12. brummyfan

    Unusable RAM

    Hi, I have a problem with my Memory in my Acer Aspire laptop it can recognise only 2.99GB RAM out of 4GB installed memory, I have updated the BIOS to the latest version and the particular BIOS release notes clearly mention the support for 4GB RAM, I would very much appreciate all suggestions...
  13. brummyfan

    Solved Strange file

    I have noticed this file in my Desk Top, I don't remember downloading, can I delete this file? Thanks.
  14. brummyfan

    Solved Home Page not updating

    Hi John, Eightforums Home Page is not updating and style changer also not responding, I have checked SF and all OK. When I click "Windows 8 news" the style changes to VF Style. This happens after upgrading to 8.1 and possibly a IE11 bug.
  15. brummyfan

    Solved Clock stops showing correct time in Taskbar

    Hi, The time is not shown correctly in my task bar, this happened for second time, when it happened a month ago, I just changed the time, has this happened to anyone else? EDIT: When I re-booted it shows the correct time.
  16. brummyfan

    Solved Clock in Taskbar stuck

    Could someone please tell me why the clock stops in taskbar, Thanks.
  17. brummyfan

    Solved Windows Updates

    I haven't received any updates since 26/10, could you please let me know which updates are missing, if any. Thanks.
  18. brummyfan

    Solved Is this service safe to run?

    I have found WajamUpdater service running, is it safe to leave it as it is? googling didn't help with different opinions, could someone please let me know, Thanks. EDIT: I didn't install it, I have FF installed, I couldn't find the program but only the service running. EDIT: I have...
  19. brummyfan

    Solved How can I save the statements

    When I try to save my Bank statement, I no longer get OXPS file type, I have previously saved as OXPS ( 2nd snip). Could someone please let me know how to get that, Thanks.
  20. brummyfan

    Solved Aero feature

    Hi, My Aero feature does look more like Windows Basic theme, is there any way I can improve this? Thanks. My graphics in the laptop is 950GMA, but it looks awful as well in my desktop which has a Nvidia dedicated graphics.