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  1. Wynona

    Moving Files to OneDrive, I get "File Failed to Upload"

    The title says it partially, but that's not the whole story: I decided to use OneDrive, and so I sent a folder from my external Toshiba drive to OneDrive. It took forever and three days to finish, and seemingly isn't finished yet. :( I now get, File Failed to Upload -- There was an error while...
  2. Wynona

    Solved Installed RAM Not Correct

    I have two identical HP Laptops, both HP Pavilion Entertainment PC dv9700. One works and one is cratered; I brought the dead one home for parts, of course. I checked the RAM in the working one and there are two sticks, 1 GB each, while the dead one had two sticks of 2 GB each, so I changed...
  3. Wynona

    Dual Boot Win 8.1 & Win 10 with 2 Hard Drives in Laptop

    I've been in and out of this HP dv7-1245dx Entertainment laptop (Legacy BIOS) a number of times in the past two or three weeks and just now discovered that it has two hard drive bays! Go figure . . . So, I have Windows 8.1.1 on the drive that came with the laptop and Windows 10 Build 9860 on an...
  4. Wynona

    Registering for TenForums Not Working

    I have made at least six attempts to register for, but every time something goes wrong and I have to re-enter the password, redo the security stuff, or something else. So far, I have not succeeded and when I type the security phrase exactly as it is, I'm told I did it wrong. And...
  5. Wynona

    August Windows 8.1 Update KB2979500 and/or KB2975719

    Does anyone know what these update do? I have a friend who did the Important and Optional Windows Updates and now when he goes to the "Metro" window, the taskbar doesn't appear and disappear as it did before. It's now a permanent resident on the bottom of his monitor. He thinks this could be a...
  6. Wynona

    Laptop Needs Second Try to Boot

    HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx Laptop 4 Gigs RAM never needed more than one press of the power button to boot while using Windows 7 Ultimate and not in Windows 8; however, when I updated to Windows 8.1 Pro Update (8.1 plus 8.1 Update all at once) I now have to press the power button, wait for bootup to...
  7. Wynona

    Solved Don't Require Password on Wakeup Not working

    I updated my friend's HP 500-056 computer from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 Update. This is a twin to my HP 500-056 system. I have the QuickLaunch and Programs toolbars set up on both; the only difference is that she has Classic Shell installed while I don't. And now to the problem; although I've...
  8. Wynona

    Last Bug

    I just thought I'd give y'all a bit of a laugh with this picture of a Programmer (I would say a Microsoft Windows 8 Programmer, but thought better of it). This has been in my files since my DOS days and I just ran across it.
  9. Wynona

    Mystery Error Code on ShutDown

    Windows 8 factory install on HP 500-056 updated to Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft Store. Since the update, when I shut my computer down at night, there's a mysterious error code that doesn't stay on the desktop long enough for me to read it. It doesn't seem to be causing any problems, but it's...
  10. Wynona

    Solved Upgrade Windows 8.1 Core to Windows 8.1 Pro

    I have everything I need to install Windows 8.1 Pro over Windows 8.1 Core; however, I don't see a tutorial on doing this, so I'm, wondering if I'll get into trouble doing this. BTW, I know I cannot use my Windows 8 Core Product Key with Windows 8.1 Pro. :) I'd like to do a clean install, but...
  11. Wynona

    Solved How do I change default save locations in Windows 8.1

    First and foremost, I do not want to disable OneDrive; I just want to make it behave. I have an external hard drive that I save all my data to; however, to save to it in Windows 8.1 is a virtual nightmare. As you can see from the clip, OneDrive is the default selection, with Computer and Add a...
  12. Wynona

    Solved Admin Problems

    It looks like HP has this 500-056 Desktop locked up tighter than a drum! I've been working all morning to be able to use sfc /scannow; however, so far, I haven't been successful. When I try to "Manage" my computer, nothing will happen. I have myself set up as Admin, but I still don't seem to be...
  13. Wynona

    Solved Update to Win 8.1 Now or Wait for Win 8.1.1 in April?

    Okey Dokey . . . I've been holding off updating to Windows 8.1 because of the "sleep issue" (it's a huge thread, folks). I was about ready to jump onto Windows 8.1 to see if the sleep and NumLock issues have been...
  14. Wynona

    Solved Prompt to Install Windows 8.1 Will NOT Gow Away!

    Prompt to Install Windows 8.1 Will NOT Go Away! I booted up this morning and when I opened the first program, I was greeted with the prompt to install Windows 8.1. That may not be a bad thing for those who want Windows 8.1, but I don't. At least not until the bugs are killed off. However...
  15. Wynona

    Solved Startup Programs - Which ones are absolutely necessary

    And which ones can I get rid of? I think the title and my first line explain what I don't know enough about. There are a huge amount of startups on my Win 8 system and I've been advised by my computer to get rid of some of them. Problem is it just showed up once and isn't in my Action Center...
  16. Wynona

    Solved email service vs Windows 8.1

    If I understand what I was told by my friend who has, if one installs Windows 8.1 on a computer that Earthlink can no longer support their email on Windows 8.1 as described below: I have a friend who is a longtime user of Earthlink's email service. She had a problem with her...
  17. Wynona

    Solved WU KB 2876415 Fails

    Windows Update tried to install KB2876415, but threw a Code 80070002. I've retried, redownloaded, troubleshot, shut down, and so far, after four tries, I can't get it to install. Anyone know what the update is and why it refuses to install? Thanks in advance.
  18. Wynona

    Windows 95, 98, XP

    I have some old Microsoft produced CDs/DVDs of Windows XP, Windows 95 and Windows 98 as follows: 1 ea Windows 98 SE full version with key 2 ea Windows 98 Upgrade with key 1 ea Windows 95 Upgrade NO key 2 ea Windows 95 full version with USB support NO key 1 ea Windows XP with SP2 full version...
  19. Wynona

    Chipset Updates

    Since the HP 500-056 is awaiting its ambulance (Fedex or UPS) ride back to HP for recovery, I'm back on the old Intel DG33BUX mobo and exploring Windows 8.1. I had installed Win 8 64 bit, but when I went to the store for the 8.1 update I was told to "get lost" that my system didn't meet specs...
  20. Wynona

    System Recovery

    When I first got this PC, I made the Recovery DVDs as instructed. Now, I want to make a Recovery Flash Drive, but HP only allows creation of one Recovery item. Is there a way to create a Recovery flash drive after I've already made DVDs? Help?