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  1. BFG

    RDP Question

    So I downloaded the Remote Desktop client for ios to play around with it but I have a question about whether I can configure Remote Desktop to share the screen. It seems that while I can connect to the console session, the screen gets locked on the pc. If I remember I think non server remote...
  2. BFG

    Biometric Login

    I thought Windows 8.1 was supposed to come with built in finger print enrollment so I removed the Digital Persona thing that was part of my control panel in windows 8 however when I try to set it up in windows 8.1 without it there is a section in the account setup to sign in with a fingerprint...
  3. BFG

    Any way to get control panel settings to appear in search?

    With all these new settings added to pc settings it seems if you search for any setting that has been added to this app only the app will show up as an option when searching for a setting. For example if you type mouse the only things you can click on will open the pc settings app. The old...
  4. BFG

    Can't Uninstall Photo App in 8.1?

    So you can't uninstall the photo app in 8.1? How lame...
  5. BFG

    Solved Windows Edition Blank

    When viewing the system page under windows edition it used to say Windows 8 Pro for me but now it is blank. I'm thinking an update or something has changed this and was wondering how to get it showing my edition back.
  6. BFG

    iPhone Issues

    Anyone with an iPhone or similar device having issues in Windows 8 or had issues and resolved them? 1. In Windows 7 the device icon showed correctly as the iPhone in windows explorer now in 8 I have that box icon. I've done some web searching and it appears from reading MSDN Apple will have to...
  7. BFG

    Black Screen after teal windows before lock screen

    Hi was wondering if others experience this. Trying to figure out the cause and if there is a fix. When I turn on or restart my computer after the teal windows logo with the spinning wheel the screen will flash off quickly then come back on black and then 10 seconds later show the lock screen...
  8. BFG

    Microsoft Reveals their "Surface" tablet

    Surface by Microsoft There will be RT and full windows models
  9. BFG

    Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter

    Does anyone have this device on their system? This is different than the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter that sometimes pops up. And there does not appear to be info about this adapter when searching the internets. If I uninstall it, it just comes back. Disabling does not seem to cause...
  10. BFG

    Photo App Crash

    I guess the photo app got overwhelmed with the number of photos I had and crashed I tried closing it but now it wont re-open. I also re-installed and restarted my computer and the app still doesn't work. Anyone know how to clear anything left behind and refresh the app?
  11. BFG

    Fan spins fast when computer sits idle

    Hi I'm posting this to see if anyone else is experiencing this and if it's a Windows 8 issue. While using Windows 8 I've noticed that if I leave the computer on and not do anything on it the fan will start up and spin really fast. As soon as I move the mouse and start using the the computer it...