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  1. tw33k

    Solved Windows Firewall Blocking LAN Connection

    I have some shared folders that others need to access via a Windows 7 VM. Suddenly they can't, an error saying device is not responding. If I disable Windows Firewall on my PC (Windows 8.1) they can connect. However even this is a problem because they need to enter username and password even tho...
  2. tw33k

    automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free

    downloading is slow going at the moment
  3. tw33k

    switching from cracked win8 to legal copy ?

    we do not offer support for illegal copies of software as it is against forum rules
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    Show Us Your Rig!

  5. tw33k


    I can confirm that v3.20.2600 works perfectly on Windows 8.1 RTM
  6. tw33k

    Right from the Start: The Best Web is on Windows with IE11

    I just had to uninstall Skype Click to Call because when I launched IE, it opened 100 (guessing) tabs of how to use click to call and slowed the system right down.
  7. tw33k

    Acronis Backup

    Acronis has saved my @55 on more than one occasion. It's one of the first programs I install on a new build
  8. tw33k

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    I'm curious how Classic Shell works with Windows 8.1. Does it replace the Windows start orb or run over the top of it?
  9. tw33k

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Fixed...thanks Ivo
  10. tw33k

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    I just updated to 3.6.8 and now no matter which start menu style I choose it's showing $Menu. I'm not using Windows 8.1. Could that be why?
  11. tw33k

    Suffer not: 10 Windows Start menus for Windows 8.1

    Great to hear. How will it work? Will the start button be disabled and the start menu accessible by using win+x?
  12. tw33k

    Windows 8.1 first look: Finally, Windows the way you want

    How do programs like Classic Shell and Start8 work with 8.1? I'm assuming one would have to disable their start buttons now 8.1 has one but will pressing the Windows key on the keyboard bring up the start menu if either of these are installed?
  13. tw33k

    Surface Pro

    Even in Australia though, we get a charger in the box with the Surface Pro
  14. tw33k

    Solved Brand new laptop problems

    You can't run Windows Update in safemode. Anyway, after much effort the laptop is now downloading updates. I don't exactly know what fixed it because I did so many different things but at least it's working now.
  15. tw33k

    100% Disk Usage

    This is happening to me on a brand new MSI CR70 I think my issue is related to the scheduled maintenance running but not actually doing anything. Disk activity is at 100% but nothing is really running and the laptop is very sluggish. I'm trying to fix a Windows Update problem which might be the...
  16. tw33k

    Solved Brand new laptop problems

    I'm setting up an MSI CR70 for one of my staff and am having nothing but problems. I removed some of the bloatware and installed avast! plus a couple other programs and it seemed to be working. She had to ship the laptop back to me because it had become unresponsive and she couldn't use it. I...
  17. tw33k

    Office 2013 - Outlook cannot configure account

    My office IMAP server fails the Test Account stage of setup and so I can't add it to Outlook 2013. I had to re-install 2010 and "upgrade" They really need to bring back the option to skip the test ASAP. You can skip the test on a POP3 account but not IMAP
  18. tw33k

    Solved best free AV

    I recently switched from Windows Defender to avast! because avast! consistently scores higher in independent labs testing than any other free anti-virus
  19. tw33k

    Wired connect limited Access/No connection

    Have you run the Windows 8 network diagnostic?
  20. tw33k

    No Internet access

    Exactly. I assumed the driver Sony offered as an update would be the latest. Good thing I checked