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  1. Pooch

    Solved Windows boot manager under UEFI

    I have set up a dual UEFI boot with windows 7 and WDP every thing is working as it should be but I have one question about the Boot manager. When I boot my system WDP boots automatically until it is just before the logon screen, at this point I get the Boot manager coming up with the choice of...
  2. Pooch

    No Hibernate

    It would appear that I have broken my WDP, I use a SSD so I turned off Hibernate using the command powercfg -h off this worked and I no longer have the option to hibernate, apart from that WDP works fine. I then recently read about WDP using Hibernate to speed up the boot time, so of course I...
  3. Pooch

    Reboot time

    Everyone is saying how fast WDP starts so now I am curious. You can use the tool in this tutorial to test your reboot times; at the link below. How to See What Your Windows 7 Restart Time is Here are mine; Desktop Laptop
  4. Pooch

    Solved How much RAM do you have installed?

    I am asking as my Windows 8 will not boot with more than 12 GByte RAM :cry:
  5. Pooch

    Solved Strange Notification area effects

    Does anyone else have these strange effects? This happens when I run my mouse over the notification area :confused: I could sit here all day and play with this lmao :p
  6. Pooch

    Solved Windows Developer install on Vertex2 SSD My experiences

    I hope this thread will help others who experience the same problems installing to a Vertex SSD Problem 1 When installing Windows Developer it was not possible to format the SSD. error 0x80300024 (it was also not possible to carry out any other formatting options) Answer Wipe the SSD with...
  7. Pooch

    Solved Repair file system errors (important)

    Windows Developer seems to think that my SSD has a problem and it runs a file check on every boot :( I have checked my disc with several apps and they all report it is ok. I have turned off the disc checker for now. Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. Pooch

    Solved Ultramon

    Hi has anyone managed to get Ultramon working on Developer Build 8102
  9. Pooch


    Hi all I have now managed to install Windows developer on my Vertex2, what an interesting experience that was!! :think: and think it is now time to say Hello :D