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    Solved How to stop most & how to rid Microsoft egg-laying on W7&8

    How to stop most & how to rid Microsoft egg-laying on your W 7 & 8. Microsoft gave me an egg Friday night or Saturday morning. Wifey powered up bedroom laptop and found Windows 7 not genuine. When I returned, I ran certain batchfiles [from The 'Net], they fixed the problem. [See signature.]
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    Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next actio

    Blue-highlighted folders &/or files can inherit next action. Concerning deleting files accidentally, within Win 7 for sure, I've noticed right after copying or moving, the target folder's new contents, and sometimes even copied or moved folders, often are "blue-highlighted," and if I do not...
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    Copying/migrating/syncing FF, T-bird, eMClient, msIE & GC

    Copying/migrating/syncing FF, T-bird, eMClient, msIE & GChrome Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird, eM Client, msIE, Google Chrome backup & "migrating" If one routinely backs up certain directories of the abovementioned programs, one can "migrate" one or more of the above from "The Best Home or...
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    Data Recovery using test folders within test partitions

    Data Recovery using DRPs on test folders within test partitions ** Because of Windows OS and 3rd party programs and utilities constant cycle of deleting, copying, writing, deleting, copying, writing... The sooner, one learns of any unwanted deletion[s], the sooner one engages any process of...
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    Solved Backup, Restore, Recovery ideas & practices

    Backup/Restore Procedures Have been paying closer attention to my external USB HDs, I am much more aware that rather than ATI [Acronis] or Macrium failure -- it has been several times an explorer.exe not communing with respective external HD failure. It might be within any one particular...
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    Walk the dogs twice a day [WinPrivacy & WinAntiRansom]

    Best to have these two "dog pics" as TaskbarPins and in the Taskbar notifications. Because these two are not really "set it and forget it" utilities, at least once in the morning and once in the early evening, I click on these two. I make sure the user name and license has not been "kicked...
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    Solved Acer Aspire 7741G; InviLink Nplify 802.11 drivers needed

    Acer Aspire 7741G-6426 Model MS2309/MS2310; InviLink Nplify IEEE 802.11 b/g/n drivers needed; Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS. I can't tell from Acer support page for my laptop which modem/hard-wire/wireless thingies I have: Atheros, Broadcom, or Intel Does anyone know how I can determine...
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    Solved May help W8+ user; Win7Pro "Dirty Install" via double imag

    The following just might be useful to a Windows 8+, Windows 10+ user having similar crashNburn & recovery. My original post in a few Windows 7 forums: Windows 7 Pro "Dirty Install" instructions needed. Is there a link here or elsewhere for a Windows 7 Professional [I own the MS blue 64 &...
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    WinPatrol/WinPrivacy/TaskCatcher 5PC lifetime conversion.

    Folks: If I earlier heard and remember correctly -- WinPatrol Plus licenses have been converted into 5-PC lifetime licenses. I believe WinPrivacy and/or TaskCatcher licenses have also been converted. ** I will reEmail Ruiware owner and confirm the above; you are welcome to visit the main...
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    Solved GetRight[&Pro] not always best for FF; it is best w/IE

    GetRight[&Pro] not always best for FF; it works w/IE [might want to test though]. I have been using GetRight & GetRightPro for several years. I've noticed that having FlashGot & GetRight "inside" Firefox sometimes causes problems with logging into certain web sites [GetRight sometimes...
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    Solved Norton Protected Recycle Bin equivalent for Windows 7?

    Long ago I used Norton Protected Recycle Bin [from Norton Utilities] for earlier Windows. Is there a free or pay-for product for Windows 7 that will act as NPRB acted? NPRB was resident, "extended" the regular Windows recycle bin -- deleted folders and/or file stayed and stayed and stayed...