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    Vba Excel need help

    i want to know if a vba Button in Excel can maybe count lets say A1 to A100 inexample A1 has 50 and if you should count all up to A100 you get 5000 (so the end number is them all counted up to an result of 5000 )
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    Solved VBA Error In Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

    i get an error see Fig1 Fig1: and see fig2 for the explanation of how it should work as of how i was learning it Fig2 i was trying to open a userform BTW PS: if this is the worng forum place please say so. so i will move it to the right place in the websites forum(that i this website)
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    Browse Files on A bluetooth Device

    hi i want to know if it is possible to use my s4 (Samsung GT-9505) as a Bluetooth device and browse or explore it using Bluetooth i have a windows 8.1 HP laptop with Realtor Bluetooth adapter build in
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    explore files on bluetooth device

    i wanna try to access my Samsung S4 SD card and storage like when i connect a USB cable only i want to do this with my HP Pavilion with Bluetooth instead of a USB (if this is possible?) but when i have paired both devices i cant find them in Explorer or on My PC (you know where you see C: and so...
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    Performance of the Computer in danger ?

    hi is it normal that task manager says in uses 100% of the disk (or a large amount)? because after that the processor and the ram do the same thing
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    Solved Windows Update Stuck at downloading

    i cant get anny further than 0 kb 0% when downloading the latest updates i did a clean instal but no sucess still 90 essential updates to go ran it over a night and not even 1kb furter :cry:
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    windows update no loading bar

    the bar just stays empty
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    windows 8.1 hard drive defect ?

    hi wen i run a clean instal of windows 8.1 on my i-3 desktop pc with 4 gb ram and a harddrive of 500 gb i know its not mutch of a computer but its 2 years old so when i run my windows 8.1 it gets crazy with all hardware like rubbish first my harddisk runs slowly to 100% of use with only a windows...