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    Loading Onto External Drive Has Become Slow

    Hello, I have a DAP (Digital Audio Player) where uploading to the main drive (F) has become so slow that it took 20 minutes for one MP3 song. An entire Album that use to take 3 minutes now takes 1 1/2 hours+ because it also keeps freezing. However the Sata card in the DAP (drive G) works...
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    Solved "USB-IF-xHCI USB Host Contoller has a driver problem"

    "USB-IF-xHCI USB Host Controller has a driver problem" Hello, My Digital Audio Player hasn't been working properly lately so I did some checking on my PC and noticed under devices the Windows 8 icon has a yellow exclamation mark. I checked for problems and "USB-IF-xHCI USB Host Contoller has a...
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    Solved Windows Defender and 360 Total Security Keep Turning Off

    Hello, lately I've been getting a warning, in my action center tool bar, that my Windows Defender and 360 are turned off so I'm not protected. However, when I click on 360 it says it's on. ??? My guess is there's a conflict between the two so I'm wondering what to do?
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    How to Check External Drives?

    I have a Seagate External drive that has malfunction I've saved my files already... (thank God) But now I'm wondering if my drive is defective. I heard there's a windows program that can check the drive...I tried under tools but it wouldn't scan because of administrator rights. Is there a thread...
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    External Drive Corrupt

    delete please Delete please
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    Trouble Copying & Pasting Website URLs

    When I copy and paste the URL from websites on a chat forum it's always hit or miss. When the URL doesn't work others can post it successfully for me. So is this a location thing (my IP address is in Canada) or is this a windows problem?
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    CCleaner Question

    Hello, When I clean my Registry I'm given the option of " backing up" which I always do since I'm paranoid and don't fully understand what I'm doing. So my question what time is it safe to delete these backup files?
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    Solved Applications For Macrium Reflect Disc Imaging

    It was suggested I backup up my PC with Macrium Reflect Disc Imaging so I did. I'm now wondering when I can take advantage of it. Can I use it at any time? Or should/can I only use it when my PC is stuck and needs to be wiped clean? System Restore ( or is it Recovery?) doesn't retrieve deleted...
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    Recovering A Deleted Trash Bin File

    Hello, Is there a good free program to recover a deleted trash bin file? I would feel a lot better deleting files if I could recover one in the future when I get a pop up saying it's missing.
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    Solved Sandbox Advice Needed For 8.1 (64)

    Hello, I just learned about sandboxes. I've been using Firefox but just switched to Chrome for this and other reasons. However I just discovered Windows Sandboxie doesn't run on W 64 Can anyone recommend an alternative that is easy to use?
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    Best Mail To Use?

    Hello, I find it confusing that there are so many options for E-mailing. I don't even know what I'm using right now but since I'm running Windows 8.1 on a HP laptop it must be either windows or HP. Since I had to reboot my PC recently I just upgraded to 8.1 from 8 and now I'm getting an annoying...
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    Solved Where Is Windows Start On 8?

    What I really miss on my Vista is the Start Icon on the bottom left where I can find all my programs and search for anything on my PC. Where or what is the alternative on W8? I was trying to shut of my HP Webcam but couldn't figure out where the setting is.
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    Solved Green Screen Of Death?

    Can Ubuntu Recovery CD Help Me? Hello, I'm relatively new to windows 8.1 as I've used Vista for the last 6 years and I'm now in trouble. I hope it's alright that I post this here. I don't know what "screen of death" (Blue or Black) I'm getting it's green. I customized my laptop months...
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    Solved Uninstalling a Program

    Hello, I've been using Windows Vista for years and now have a PC running Windows 8 (.1 or. 2) (is there a 2?):o I'm trying to uninstall a program file (dll) in my program files 86 folder but it says I can't while it's running in windows. I watched an online video which tells me to open the...