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    KB3022345, one of twenty one optionals fails to install.

    silently preparing Hi All, This is one of the silently prepairing you PC for W10. Apparantly it "talks" to MS about your system specs. There have been a number of issues with it, and Noel in W7 updates and activations is also looking at. Roy
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    Optional Updates Received Yesterday or Today

    strange odd thing about these updates when you go to MS , there is no additional info available not your language this page no longer exists ODD Roy
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    KB3022345, one of twenty one optionals fails to install.

    pulled 3022345 certainally looks like its been pulled no longer available for me . Roy
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    Solved Uninstalling a Program

    turning off services There are a no of places you can turn services off, so that programmes can be removed, as long as you know its name. Safest option ControlPanel>admintools>Services>progname>RIGHTclick>properties>startuptype>from dropdown>dissable or manual. Roy
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    Windows 8.1 will be getting nearly 30 patches later today

    services turned off I've turned of a few services including windows experience and the help function, problem report settings is set to ask, wonder if either of these or maybe other MS support services are required for this update to install. Roy
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    Windows 8.1 will be getting nearly 30 patches later today

    failed for me too, and via the stand a lone version. Roy
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    Toshiba Sattelite C660 Windows 8.1 Drivers x64

    oh yes there is im lookin at 1 right now, come with w7 pre installed thou. (european model go to toshiba uk) Roy
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    windows 8.1 cheshire police virus plus constant reboot

    virus removal Hi Rosco, search net for this virus in the results goto the >>bleeping computers<< posting and follow the instructions in the tutorial. Roy
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    Trying to Get Started With Windows 8.1

    ie11 i actually turn of ie11 via programs>turn windows features on/off. using firefox.
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    Can't access BIOS

    dissable fast boot another way to dissable fastboot, turn off hibernation Roy
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    Solved Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)

    co processor drivers The driver you require is on your comp. Go to device Mananger> select processor,(the error marked 1)>Update driver> LET ME CHOOSE > (untick compatible drivers) select CHIPSET and away you go had this on 7 and eight, posted about this before. normal MS or google search will...
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    Solved Computer doesn't sleep when app is opened phenomenon

    sleep Hi Dusty, seems logical to me that comp wont sleep with this app open. Its an "always on" type app, as the radio signal is always broadcasting, and therfore being picked up by your comp . one of svchost services is over-riding the sleep mode, because of the above. Roy
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    How do i disable mouse gestures?

    allegedely it doesnt work for me thou. Control panel >>LARGE icons select mouse then props then elan then turn off when USB mouse attached, LOL
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    How do I rectify Event ID 131 in Event Viewer so I don't

    task scheduler There's also a standard task, Controlpanel>admintools>taskscheduler>--- Taskschedulerlibrary>Microsoft>library>timesyncronisation>>check settings or delete task Roy
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    factory reset to 8 update to 8.1 little tip

    Ok people, just a little tip to get you to 8.1 a bit quicker after a factory restore back to W8. You do not need the Net framework updates/browser choice or malicious software removal tools KBxxxxx's, about 25 approx. Roy
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    Windows 8.1 Aug Update Released (KB2975719)

    shutdown/ipv4 interesting since i updated, but not on initial release and have since removed the 4 problematic KB's, according to the attached screenshot, (date has been checked) my lappy has not shutdown, nor am i connected and hence my basic network connection shows as unknown . My power...
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    Unable to install Wi-Fi driver on recently bought laptop.

    log data According to that error log the 1st install has not been completed because a reboot is required, have you actually rebooted??, the other errors state cannot install due to previous install waiting to complete. Roy
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    Devices and Drivers

    2006 Hi Caddy, Most of the MS generic drivers are dated 2006, what an upto date system, no worries there, unless thiers a little black down arrow on one pop over to the BSOD sub forum and read the what to do to get help sticky for, hopefully not BSOD. Roy
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    Wifi problems connection drops to limited every 10 minutes

    8 or 8.1 Hi Brent, if your running 8 upgrade to 8.1 via the store, this has fixed numerous problems. in your case id also check the asus site for thier own updates, had 4 on my <1yr old lappy including a bios update. Roy
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    Laptop is not sleeping when lid closed

    power settings Hi UAS, please check your power settings, 1 of the things i noticed that changed after this months patch tuesday updates was the re-introduction of the hibernation feature, even thou i had previously deleted it. Roy