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    Reset to Factory 8.0-Need To Get Back to 8.1

    Hey guys, was working on a client's machine the other day and she had Restored back to Factory 8.0 from Recovery Partition. Luckily chose the keep all her files but we were not able to use the Windows.old Folder to get back to 8.1. I used all the common methods/pathways with the time allotted...
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    Ethernet Unidentified, Limited

    On Clean Install even after installing Service Stack and Rollup, and now Downloading and Installing all the updates, I get "Ethernet Unidentified, Limited" I tried another port in my router but get the same thing. All my other computers work fine on it also. The cable is a known good one but...
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    Why am I getting Updates that were last updated on 4/6/2018? 1. I'm also considering turning Off Updates for Office 2007 all together so that MS won't bugger it all up now that it is not supported. Any advice on doing that please? To top it all off, the Hashes don't match! Well, I see now...
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    Solved New 8.1 Image Update Issues

    I had a Retail Image of 8.1 from 3/25/17, or just the Image from the offcial download. It required to install the 2015 Windows8.1-KB3021910-x64.msu. And then Windows8.1-KB3172614-x64.msu to get updates going. But just downloaded a new Image last night and used the same proceedure, but now the...
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    Sysprep Won't Update - Activate

    I'm trying to make myself a Sysprep Image to Deploy to various computers. A very general one, nothing installed and no settings changes. I've done this with Windows 7 a few times but now running into a few problems. 1. I'm using a Retail Image on a Verified Windows 8 machine. 2. Got into...
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    Determine Product Key Type

    I have a Windows 8 pc I got used and did not have an OS on it. I installed Windows 7 Pro on it and am thinking of Dual Booting with Windows 8.1. I got the Windows 8 Key with Produkey and from a Linux Live Session. They both match and I believe them to be correct. What I would like to know...
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    Flash BIOS with no Bootable OS and possible corrupt BIOS

    This machine was Really messed up, would not boot anything. Tried booting linux to get some files off machine but could not do so after multiple multiple attempts. Minitool Power Data Recovery would not even recognise the Drive. Now, I still can't get it to boot using the attempts below. 1...
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    Backup Utilities for GPT

    What is all the talk about GPT being harder to Backup or Create an Image? I see that even Macrium Reflect Free supports this. Need to backup my Windows 8.1 asap!!!
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    What Custom Settings to Choose During Clean Install

    I wonder if there is a Tutorial or Thread here somewhere that includes Safe Custom Settings to choose during Clean Install. I installed with an old Image a while back and Chose Express Settings. Then I tried to Reverse some of those settings with a Tutorial, but I don't think it went all that...
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    How to Change PC Room Location and User Name after Setup?

    Guys, please help me out. I pulled a bonehead move During Setup/Installation and Entered the "User Name" I wanted into the first field for the "PC Location", like Living Room, Den, Bedroom etc. I never installed Windows 8 before and you don't get asked this in Windows 7 that I remember. Is...
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    Install 8.1 Preview

    I would really like to install Windows 8.1 on my Laptop to learn more about it for work, will be a Dual Boot with Windows 7. I don't have the funds to buy it right now so was wondering if I can just install the Preview of it for 90 days or whatever. I see it at the Windows Site here but not...