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    Solved Windows 8.1 IE11 youtube HTML5 screensaver issue

    I upgraded from windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 pro When I watch YouTube video screensaver kicks in. when I watched YouTube video on windows 8 it was IE10 (I think it used flash player plugin) everything was ok while video playing no screensaver. After upgrade to windows 8.1 and ie11 I noticed...
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    Skydrive for windows 8.1 (local account)

    Anyone know any good way in windows 8.1 to sync skydrive in windows explorer like it was possible with desktop app on Windows 8. Skydrive app doesn't work, only new modern UI app but it doesn't sync skydrive if I use local account.
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    Disable/replace default driver in windows 8 setup media

    So I have Acer laptop with wireless adapter that has driver in windows 8 install media and that driver causes BSOD during install.. and install never completes it just says you need to start it all over again. My question would be is there any good way to modify windows install media dvd or iso...
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    Language bar in windows 8

    Language bar in windows 8 (not showingup) There is setting in windows 8 "Use desktop language bar when it's available" it makes language bar like it was in windows 7. But it doesn't seem to work correctly it doesn't appear when windows starts it only appears if you change language with keyboard...
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    Solved Windows 8 pro upgrade 39.99$ activation after feb 1?

    Because I have unused vista licences I baught few windows 8 pro upgrades for 39.99$ from microsoft store. Still not activated just created instaliation media (DVD/USB) and have my key in mail. Question is can I activate key that I baught now after Feb 1 when sale of pro upgrade ends and price...