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    Newly installed Firefox hangs on trying to open any "about:" page

    I have newly installed Firefox hanging on trying to open any "about:" page. I was advised to delete user profile, but I do not know how to do it.
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    How do I make the "This PC" window smaller?

    I do not know how to make it smaller vertically. On Windows 95 I could. Yes, I added the "Printers" and "Control panel" icons so to take the waste space. I would prefer without them and the window smaller.
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    First double-click does not work on some file types

    1. I experience this problem: first double-click does not open image files, and this does not depend on image viewer. This happened with the default image viewer of Windows, and now it still happens with Infanview. Second double-click opens the image. First simply does nothing. 2. A similar...
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    Can I increase user memory without enabling pagefile?

    Can I increase the amount of memory available to the user's programs without enabling the pagefile via registry? I mean, maybe it can be increased at the expense of the system memory.
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    Fast startup and system restore stopped working

    The system always makes full boot on startup. I tried to restore to a saved point, but it says it could not retrieve saved information. I feel the file system could be broken. How can I fix it? I used checkdisk but it found no errors.
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    Reversibly enable and disable Windows Classic theme using PowerShell

    Here is a method which allows to enable and disable Classic Theme during one session from the command line. Tested on Windows 8.1. Enabling or disabling the Classic theme affects only programs started after the change. This method is different from other methods in that it is reversible: one can...
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    Solved How can I restore the .txt default file type icon and associations?

    After intalling Nortepad++ it messed the things up.
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    Laptop stops when closing the cover

    I set up the computer should do no action when the cover is closed, in power options. Yet, if to close the cover and wait a few minutes, the laptop stops: the screen is highlited but black, and the machine is not responsive on any action, keyboard and mouse. Only hard power off resumes...
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    Image files do not open with first attempt

    When double-clicking an image file, it does not open instantly. If to double-click it the second time, it opens in two instances. This does not depend on the associated viewer (happens with both the default Windows viewer and with MS Photo Editor). A similar, maybe related issue: when...
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    Solved How to disable this message?

    I see this message each time on boot. It says, failed to connect to the Group Policy service. How can I disable the message? I tried to disable the messages from Explorer, etc. This does not work.
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    What is this? do I need it?

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    Disable service notification in system tray

    I have Group Policy service disabled, on purpose. But on every logon there is a notification in system tray "Failed to connect to system service" regarding Group Policy service. I disabled all notifications from Explorer in the properties of notification area, but the notification appears again...
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    Can I slow down window animations?

    Can I slow down (increase time) of window animations (minimize-restore-open-close)?
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    Can I prohibit extending window borders into client area?

    I want to prohibit extending windows frame into client area for ALL programs. Is there a way to do it systemwide (without disabling DWM)?
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    Driver update repeatedly appears each time I check updates

    There are some driver updates that appear each time I check for updates, "install" and then appear again. For instance, these ones but also several I already have hidden.
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    How can I remove the driver from driver cache?

    How can I remove a version of driver from driver cache without removing the device and deleting other driver versions?
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    Can I run a scheduled task on logoff event?

    Can I run a scheduled task on logoff event but before Explorer shutdown? The task scheduler option to run a task on shutdown does not work: it runs after explorer is closed.
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    Solved How to rebuild icon cache?

    How to rebuild icon and thumbnail cache? Older methods/bat files do not work any more.
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    Strange devices (ports and modem) in Device Manager

    At one point (not sure when) in my Device Manager appeared some devices by Sierra. My computer is a laptop, it has no GSM capabilities. Can I safely delete them?
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    No updates since December, 2016

    Hello! My system, Win8.1 stopped receiving system updates after new year, 2017. It still receives Windows Defender updates, IE updates, Flash updates, driver updates but no system-wide updates. Last one was at 16.12.2016.