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    New Features coming in 8??

    That is a great idea for windows explorer but it would use alot of onscreen space. Perhaps even better would be if they had support for multiple active tabs in one w. explorer window just like it is in most of modern day web browsers.
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    Directx 12

    The only dx10 game i have been able to play on dx10 with my geforce 8500gt is Devil may cry 4,and i played it on max settings...
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    What would you like to see in Windows 8?

    wow,how did not i write that in my huge post...great idea...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Most of the things i listen are metal(death,heavy,black,gothic,grindcore),but there is also a lot of punk(hc punk,punk rock,poverwiolence) and rock...
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    What languages can you speak (or aspire to speak)?

    I speak croatian(native),german and english... Bok ljudi,šta ima?-Hi people what's up? Hallo mein nutzername ist Blauer drache7.-Hi my username is bluedragon7. I aspire to learn japanese so i could watch more animes and mangas...
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    yo,I'm new here...
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    Directx 12

    So what do you expect from a possible directx 12 release? I personally hope for ray tracing support.
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    Windows 8 will based on Win7 Post-RTM (winmain)...

    actually winxp was based on win2000 which was based on can trace it all the way down to nt1.0 btw where did the guy who opened the topic get all those build numbers?
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    [MSKitchen] Windows 8 to Contain New Anti-Piracy Technology?

    hahah...they are never gonna beat piracy as there are just too many crackers. @darkdavil:they probably consider themselves as ''freedomfighters''.
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    Joke Thread

    Who is richer than Bill Gates-Chuck Norris. On a conference:Steve Ballmer is going to announce windows 8 and he says:''Guess what folks,we are making our next version of windows,it is gonna be called Best Windows and we switched it into a unix kernel.Bills heart stops.Next day Bill was...
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    What would you like to see in Windows 8?

    I would love to see something like an app dock in the upper part of the desktop,also they should make smething like a ''moderator'' account which would have privileges between the admin and normal user.64 bit versions with only the starter version being both 64 bit and 32 bit,the ultimate...
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    How Can "I" Get Involved?

    Do you get your software before everione else gets it?Did you get the windows 7 milestones?