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    Print Screen button will print to the printer! how to stop

    I'm working at an office where when you hit the Print Screen button, it causes a printout in addition to the normal copy to clipboard. I just want to copy to clipboard without wasting toner and paper. It can't be a program on the computer as it's clean with just Windows 8.1 It actually...
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    cloning new PC to SSD, license worry?

    Hi, I'm buying a bunch of new PCs for an office and installing SSDs on all of them. Is there any issues with Windows 8.1 cloning to a new SSD (in terms of licensing and anything else)? The HDD in there will become a secondary drive for data files. recommendations? (especially software and...
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    battery indicator disappeared Windows 8.1

    Hello, my friend got a new Asus Transformer T100 with Windows 8.1. The device was fine. We set up the Microsoft account and updated all the drivers, the firmware, Windows updates, as well as Windows Store app updates. But now the battery indicator is missing! It's not even on the pop-out...
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    returning PC to get another PC. how to remove MS acct

    Hello. I'm looking to exchange a 32GB Asus Transformer T100 PC we just received to get a 64GB version. What is the process for removing the Microsoft account from the PC that we are returning? I assume putting the Microsoft account on the new PC is simply a matter of logging into the account...
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    Solved Windows 8 Mail changes screen color.color profile problem?

    Hello, I'm updating a friend's computer. It already came with Windows 8.1. It's an Asus Transformer T100. I have this strange problem. Normally, the screen has the correct color and brightness. However, whenever I'm using Windows Mail (Windows 8 app), the screen will change to this...
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    question about Windows 8.1 mail app

    Can anyone answer why this behavior is happening? I have an email account with Yahoo. It's set up in the Mail app (IMAP). I sent an email to a colleague from the Windows 8.1 Mail app. It went through properly. He received my email. The Sent folder contains the email that was sent. Later...
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    close all tabs simultaneously for Metro IE 11 Win8.1?

    I love how Metro IE11 works now in Windows 8.1. I was using a reddit app, opened an article, and it spawn a separate window for the IE browser to read a link. Works great. But one day, when it launched the IE browser, I was hearing a video that was completely unrelated to the link. I was...
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    anyone else with nvidia driver problem windows 8.1?

    I recently got an GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST card a couple weeks back. I think right after I upgraded from windows 8 64-bit to windows 8.1 64-bit. it was running well for awhile. But after some updates, now videos will stutter badly even after reboot. After updating to the latest driver, I've...
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    Solved BSOD Netlimiter 4 causing BAD_POOL_ERROR with Windows 8.1

    Wanted to give people a heads-up who are using Netlimiter 4... I had Netlimiter 3 in Windows 8. Everything worked great. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and although there weren't any errors, Netlimiter didn't seem to be working even though it was running and should've been working. Netlimiter 3...
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    Solved 8.1 upgrade success story!

    Alright, went to upgrade my primary PC from Windows 8 to 8.1. Took forever! But went without a hitch! Well, not 100%. When I arrived at the desktop/start screen, the scroll wheel wasn't working on my mouse and my pinned taskbar icons weren't there. But I rebooted the system and now my PC is...
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    Solved 8.1 upgrades says won't work with Pentium 4 Prescott 630

    I went to update my father's old PC to 8.1 and I get the message that his CPU is not supported. That you need the combination of SSE2+NX+PAE. He has a Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 630 3GHz. I looked it up and it should qualify for the upgrade. I ran CPUID and it says it has the SSE instructions...
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    will we be able to download 8.1 iso that can clean install

    I'd rather download an 8.1 ISO so I don't have to first install Windows 8 then install the 8.1 upgrade. Is this going to be possible? Will Microsoft allow us to download the ISO? Or is this through the normal update process? I don't know how the preview went because I didn't go through with...
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    new version of Yahoo Mail... and Metro version better

    alright, the new Yahoo Mail is out... And for the browser, it has taken a major step backwards for functionality. You can't even sort by sender! Lots of functionality gone now. They're still implementing but it's a sad day if these features don't return soon. Well, they did make it look...
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    nice upgrades to Microsoft Solitaire Collection!

    anyone try this lately? some nice improvements. especially love that they've added keyboard shortcuts to everything! H for hints. Ctrl+Z for undo. D for deal. etc. etc. That was the one flaw I saw compared to the old version of solitaire.
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    Halo: Spartan Assault

    anyone pick this up yet? got it for Windows 8. Pretty fun. so far playing it with keyboard and mouse. will try out the touch soon. Can't wait for the 360 controller support as that should be the definitive way to play. For those that don't know about the game, it's a twin stick shooter a...
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    52 page Product Guide PDF showing all changes PDF covering 8.1 additions See also:
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    Mattrick's exit due to impending executive shuffle

    Mattrick's exit from Microsoft reportedly due to impending executive shuffle Some people have said that Windows Phone does Metro better than Windows 8 does. And Terry Myerson surprisingly has been able to get certain apps to come to Windows Phone that aren't in Windows 8. And that could be...
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    Videos for Microsoft's Build 2013 Dev Conference some cool info...
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    beta signup for Project Spark for Windows 8, Xbox One, 360

    for people that haven't heard of Project Spark, it's a "game" that allows you to build games without having to know any programming. So in the sizzle reel they showed for Project Spark, you can create a game like Geometry Wars or Marble Madness or Space Invaders or a tower defense game or a...
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    WinBeta's extensive hands-on video with Win8.1 very good job, covering multiple interfaces and apps.