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    Solved File Access Denied

    When you right click on a photo and go to Properties -> Details , there is a link at the bottom called Remove Properties and Personal Information that will remove the camera EXIF data, GPS location and other metadata. I took a photo on my iPad and emailed that picture to my Windows 8 laptop...
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    Solved What is this on my lock screen

    I just bought a new laptop that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. On the lock screen there is a tiny picture of the planet Saturn with the number 10 next to it. I'm pretty sure it was a different number the other day. What is it? Edit: After doing some searching, it appears to be a...
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    Windows SmartScreen

    I tried to install some programs I had on my external HD and a big green banner popped up across the screen saying: "Check your Internet connetion. Windows SmartScreen is unreachable and can't help you decide if this program is okay to run." I finally figured out I had to click on 'more info'...