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  1. aem

    IE11 64-Bit

    Does anyone have 64-bit version of IE11 on their 8.1? In the Help > About Internet Explorer it should say (64 Bit) if you have 64 bit.
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    Play To - self disconnects

    I get this on DP and now on CP. When i Play To a movie to my TV remotely, after a period of time it disconnects. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
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    It's about time isn't it?

    Lets start with this.
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    Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0 and UX Pack 3.5

    Has anyone try these out yet? Latest updates: Windows 8 Transformation Pack 2.0 and UX Pack 3.5 - Camera News - PC & Tech Authority
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    Who's using SkyDrive?

    So who is using Skydive?
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    Wifi - Multiple SSID Connections

    Heads up, there might be someone coming over cos of the potential to connect to more than one wifi network at once. Someone with two working routers and with two seperate SSIDs can you please confirm if it is possible on Windows 8. :thumb: Can I have more than 1 router set to "automatically...
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    Solved My Windows 8 is gone....corrupted.

    All i did was in msconfig, in the boot tab, selected "No Gui Boot" & "OS boot Information", apply and next thing i know my Windows colours are all bugered!!!! It's now permanently like this. :dinesh:
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    Connecting between two machines - Simple File Sharing

    (Note: All settings are default with Network Sharing turned ON). From Windows 7/8 to windows 7/8 (default Share folders Users$) 1) Open Explorer, and expand Network, click on the required machine (in this example it’s WDP-Tools). 2) The follow box will appear, put in the username and password...
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    RDP - No Disconnect (No Power Options available)

    Those that uses RDP would know that a proper disconnection or logoff of a session is necesaary. But with WDP there is no such power options. Just the good old click on X to close connection. Hopefully in the RTM version this will get rectified.
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    Can someone search for this file and open it up. I don't know if it's a program i installed but in this txt, it's says Windows Vista Pro build 8102. Is the DP a vista build? :sarc:
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    Pay your respects to Steve Jobs here

    RIP Steve, you were THE MAN!!!
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    Play To

    It has not occurred to me that my Samsung TV which is wifi connected and which gets picked up by Windows 8 can be Sync'd directly to play movies using Play To. Well now it has and now I have a new love for Windows 8.:p
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    RSAT for Windows 8

    I'm interested to know when this will be available. I tried using RSAT for Windows 7 no good.
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    Things that have changed

    Post up what you think has changed since the beginning. Today I'm sure this has just appeared.
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    WDP's blueprint

    Today i did a 32Bit install on one of the old lappy and when i went into Devices and Printers, the computer name showed up to be something else other than what i name it to be. I also saw it as a Virtual Machine. I then did a refresh and the computer name was them changed to the correct name...
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    Network Devices

    When i go to see what devices are on my home network. Here's the scenario. 1) Laptop 1 (W7 only) can see Laptop 2 (W7 dual boot with W8). 2) Laptop 2 (when booting into W7) can see Laptop 1 AND it can also see itself as W8. This means there are 3 devices when there are only 2. 3) Laptop 2 (when...
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    Reset PC

    I had XP and installed W8 over it. Thinking that i can reset PC and it will revert back to XP but noooo it wasn't like that. Was asking for CD/Repair Disc. I inserted the oem XP CD in and it too was not working. Not impressed.
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    AVG Internet Security 2011 64 Bit

    For some reason I cannot install this. I could on W7 but not on W8/WDP? Anyone?