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  1. BigFatBoy

    NEED W8.o Task Scheduler/Windows Update Default Settings

    I am having problems with Windows Upgrade installing update files (eg, daily Windows Defender updates). The primary concern is an inability of the PC to 'install' new updates after automatically downloading the updates online. The Task Scheduler "Tab" settings I am asking for are: Task...
  2. BigFatBoy

    Solved "SETUP.EXE Has Stopped Working" W8 Error Message

    SEE the next POST #2 please... the problem was: "Setup.exe has stopped working". I was trying to install new ASUS software for my motherboard using W8x64 Pro. When I attempt to run the Setup.exe file as an Administrator, or by double clicking the Setup.exe file itself, or used the 'RUN'...
  3. BigFatBoy

    "SETUP.exe Has Stopped Working" - Message when installing

    a MIS-DIRECTED Thread by BigFatBoy UPDATE: I authored this thread, but it is MIS-DIRECTED. please see the following post: my apologies :confused: bfb...
  4. BigFatBoy

    Solved running - System File Checker (SFC) AND the CBS.log

    W8Pro: after running the SFC, corrupt files were found, but *not repaired (per the CBS.log) Microsoft article Kb 928228 (written for Vista) states the following command can be run on the CBS.log file to identify the SFC entries and write them to a text file: findstr /c:"[SR]"...